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  • dt12312012 dt12312012 Aug 14, 2013 3:59 PM Flag

    what happened to easy 3%, 4%,7% gain


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    • Ho, ho, ho and hee, hee, hee!
      Now here is a low, and slow, soft-ball pitch that I surely won't miss taking a swing at.

      You need to poise this question (specifically) to that business clown that parades around calling himself, "rebuscoeconomicsminister" (again, I assert that NO ONE from good ole' AMERICA would go around calling themselves an "economics minister". There is no such animal in the lower 48 or the other 2 of the American States. That's a Canadian or UK thing for sure!).

      But at any rate, you need to point your question at him and ask him how come his fabulous "My Eddie" hasn't made the +3%, +4%, +7% gain come true for folks here? When, EXACTLY, is "My Eddie" going to make it a reality?
      (Just for Yucks, I already know that there will be a 3,4,5, 7, whatever percent gain; but it SURELY WON'T be anytime soon. And it will require some faith in it until it happens.)

      Now let's see all you Kool-Aide drinking haters out there give me a thumbs down to show that you KNOW what I'm saying is true! ;-)

      Sentiment: Hold

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