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  • strawhatjoe strawhatjoe Aug 1, 2014 3:20 PM Flag

    BE CAREFUL........

    The SEC is monitoring short traders, especially for slanderous trading tactics.

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    • The SEC should investigate themselves first.

    • Another example, I know that you were here for what Dr. Robert Daum pulled off.
      He didn't just steal a little by his actions, he stole the whole, blasted treasure from Dynavax!
      Who investigated him? Who interrogated him over his actions?
      His vote record was about as slanderous as it can get; what did the SEC do to him?
      They most likely and "held the door for him and carried his bags" looking for some kickback of GSK funded graft.
      I bet you never asked yourself ANYTHING about ANY of that matter. Just plunked down your money and hope for the best.
      You are UTTERLY ALONE HERE.........

    • That, my friend is a load of BUNK.
      In FACT, the SEC does not waste their time monitoring individual stocks, unless they have been tipped off by an official agency that there is potential scam going on with an individual company stock.
      There IS an agency which does such monitoring, and they monitor many stocks passively looking for scam setups, financial fraud, etc.

      If you really know what you are talking about, you'd know what agency I'm referring to. It's pretty obvious that you don't.

      When I was in GNOM (Complete Genomics) I saw several occaisions of suspicious trading accompanied by
      false MB allegations. I complained, LOUDLY and FREQUENTLY to my broker and the investor relations person at GNOM. All assured me that I was imagining it and they explained the process of scam monitoring as I explained it to you above.
      To this day, I am sure of what I was seeing with my own eyes and complaining about, but proving it to attentive authorities was another matter. GNOM is now long over the "sunset horizon"; that one was painful too, but only minimally so (rotten Chinese).

      Let me educate you further here, friend.
      On little issues like these, if there is scam going on (and there may be, but NEVER to the limit where it is obviously criminally felonious) there will be NOTHING any agency will do for you to save you.
      It's a small stock, under $5 per share.
      What does almost every money manager advise about penny stock investments?
      If you don't know, they advise avoiding those types of investments.
      Caveot Emptor, if you know what I mean there.
      If there is scam here and you are on the wrong side of it (the fleecing side) you can be sure that your ONLY salvation is a class action law suit. The SEC will NOT ride to your rescue.
      You're all alone risking your own mortgage money here.

      This is one of those classic penny stock situations where the mice play and the cat looks the other way.
      Quick, buy more before it goes down too much more........ Think happy thoughts!

    • The SEC is monitoring pumpers too, especially for slanderous trading tactics.

    • You are an idiot... big one too.

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