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  • strawhatjoe strawhatjoe Aug 6, 2014 10:05 AM Flag


    Best stock on the block. This is fixing to rocket into uncharted territory.

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    • I have read all of you all comments and they are partially correct. And here is why: DVAX has 8,000 subjects that are being tested right now as we go into the final stage of approval process. No nobody wants this thing to be disapproved again.The end data were primarily good the last time and just a little bit more testing needed to be done. I think this time they will make sure that all bases are covered. All the executives stand to make millions, so why wouldn't they work toward approval??????

    • I can't stop laughing when I see "rocket into uncharted territory".
      first of all, $1.5 is well inside of the territory , and at the bottom ...
      Rocket !... you right! ... No Doubt , you need to have a rocket of some sort to move this thing into uncharted territory..... my goodness.

      In a sense, you are right. I am still laughing ....
      Good one ... you do have a sense of humor, although this is not a good investment.

    • Joe,
      I like your outlook but do you feel that DVAX will skyrocket because of some analysis you've done or is it a gut feeling? I have DVAX as a hold only because I haven't heard enough from the company lately to consider it a buy or sell. I'm always interested in information with substance on this stock. Don't get me wrong, the lack of news isn't a bad think necessarily. I realize the current safety trial is going to take a while. DVAX is a small cap so it's understandable if they don't release new information on a regular basis. Again, I consider it a hold right now. Looking for a good reason to turn my sentiment to a buy.

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • His investment thesis and research comes from that old 1950's sock-hop song, "I'm a prayin', yes indeed, I'm a hopin', for your company, I'm a wishin' that you'll come back to me......"

        It's earnings reporting season coming up; and little DVAX has yet to come out with what will almost surely be a loss (no surprise).
        At the last function the fearless leader, Sir fish n' chips, didn't want to provide an update to the trial because he said he didn't want to feel compelled by the industry to provide some update of trial numbers and results every 10 minutes or simply to meet some analysts expectations (paraphrased).
        He was sure to leave it out there that risks of SAE's were inherent to the trial though, and he didn't bother to mention to propective shareholders that a R/S of "X":1 was in the cards at some point.
        So.............anything is possible here, not simply good news results.
        What else would common sense tell you???
        Good luck, but keep your eyes wide open and leave the blinders in a drawer some where.......

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