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  • telcoguy_79 telcoguy_79 Jun 3, 2003 9:56 PM Flag

    Why do managers need Strike Training?

    If you are a manager shouldn't you already be a master of the craft you are supervising? Whats up with that?

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    • Well said and agreed.

    • The elite executive management of Verizon and other large corporations laughs and benefits as Union and Management employees bicker with each other instead of working together to obtain higher wages and increased benefits.

      Will the management replacement workers go out of their way to keep Verizon solvent during the work stoppage?

      If so, why, and for whose benefit?

      What is the reward for management employees when the work stoppage ends? More RIFS!

    • I don't believe VZ should be run from the bottom up. My position is that there are many glorified management positions. Again, I refer to the current span of control in which its ratio is too small. With any good run business, a chain of command is crucial for its effectiveness. An ideal chain of command would be one that is transparent from the top down & from the bottom up. The many craft positions perform the basic duties of delivering telecom services. When a business no longer communicates from the bottom up, it begins to lose touch with what really matters in its core business. This is currently happening at VZ. I think it should be addressed. In N.Y., the service quality has detoriated dramatically as a result of cutting craft positions. The N.Y. P.S.C. has even forced VZ to perform an internal audit of it operations dealing with it out of service & installation functions along with a productivity assessment of its workers. I want the best for VZ & its employees & shareholders. I have no doubt that VZ will remain king of the hill after we go over this bump. We must credit both the VZ execs & its employees for getting us on top

    • Because not all management employees are "managers", and not all of them came from craft jobs. Geez, have you not read anything in the past week?

      There are thousands of other jobs performed in this company that are not directly related to I & R or CO's; try accounting (the folks that pay the bills and send our your pay checks), or the Logistics guys (that buy, store and deliver all the 'stuff' you need), or the regulatory guys (that try to keep us in line and not paying huge FCC fines), or HR and we all know what they do. Try engineering, where some are past craft, but not all. Try marketing, the folks that try to convince new customers that we are a good company to work with.

      There are literally hundreds of non-craft jobs that are necessary to make this company work. Not all of us are engineers or installers and we haven't done the type of work they are asking us to do; just like you would need training to attempt our jobs.

      All management are not managers directly supervising craft or anyone else for that matter. When some of the craft people get their heads out of the clouds and realize they are not the entire company, maybe their egos might shrink a bit and they won't clutter up this board with all their self-serving rants. One can only hope!

      By the way, I read a few of the union go-getters complaining about how much Ivan and pals get paid. Where were the unions at the annual meetings these past two years, and why weren't they fighting for changes? I mean after all if the union have the power to shut this company down to teach them a lesson, what better lesson to teach them than they are overpaid? Come on union, do something useful to help the entire company.

      Now that we all understand that craft people only make up about half the total number of employees, and that they are not the end all to telecom, perhaps we can get back to some reasonable discussion about the stock and the company as a whole; at least until there is a strike to talk about. Ya think?


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      • Less and less every day. The demographics have changed. Most management employees these days never worked in any craft position. Went from college to a management job. First line Sup's are about the only ones left that know the Telecom Business and what it takes to provide service.

        A good portion of the replacement workers will come from IT where most don't have a clue what this company does.

      • texlec, maybe the people reading these messages know that if it wasn't for the craft people carrying the work load they wouldn't need all the leaches that survive off the part of the company that REALLY MAKES IT OPERATE FOR THE ONES PAYING THE BILL "THE CUSTOMER". We already know how to help the customer and what it takes to get teir phones working without blowing smoke.

    • "If you are a manager shouldn't you already be a master of the craft you are supervising? Whats up with that?"

      What makes a pro a pro is that they get the basics right everytime. For managers currently managing domestic telecom it's a refresher, for managers that have nothing to do with the unionized world, its a new skill.

    • Just forget it. The boy is just living a team leader, GI Joe, fantasy, no life to speak of, living on the internet chat board.
      He hopes nobody will remember his stories and that people will listen to him.
      Its time to leave this legend in his own mine. You have to feel sorry for people under him if it true. I know some who would hold a frag party for him.
      Leave it alone.

    • Yeah, Bernie Ebbers and Scott Sullivan were
      hoping a boat load of people were going to
      believe that too. SOME numbers are not of
      significance, but SOME mean a bunch. In the
      court of public reason and logic, your number
      presentations don't add up well. Words are
      easy to twist and mold, and can be
      interpreted many ways, but hard numbers, once
      presented, are legacy.

    • whatever...numbers are insignificant

    • exactly my point. You do not know me.

    • Learn to read and analyze context and setting.

      I was talking about the comments made about
      YOUR statements, and YOUR numbers.
      Don't try to act as if I was talking about
      the person I was responding to, when I was
      talking about the person THEY were commenting
      about. They nailed your ass with hard numbers
      provided by you.

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