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  • texanproud2004 texanproud2004 Jun 25, 2003 6:03 PM Flag

    In response to Mr. Shelton and 1103

    The union and it's sympathizers are absolutely disgusting. If we are lucky the Conservative right might elect a President one day who passes legislation outlawing any form of a union or organized labor. Do these idiots realize they are not only uneducated, both overpaid as well? Verizon's best bet would be to go down to Pancho's with an 18 wheeler and load up as many Mexicans as they can find. They won't complain, whine, cry about pay, and more importantly, won't continuously stick their foot in their mouth and like the 1103. Not only will they work for nothing, but will work hard and with a smile on their face. They are just happy to be here and to have a job. I say we take the Good Ole' 1103 and put them in the front lines of Iraq. By themselves.

    Also, how in the hell can this lame ass get away with that Wizard of Oz paragraph? Last time I checked it was illegal to print threats of violence against any person or his family. Especially in New York City, and the day and age of terrorism, you would figure you Yankees had enough common sense to realize that terrorist threats might constitute a bad idea. I can just see Rocky Balboa himself sitting on the steps of the Union saying, "District One is good at fighting." How about you put that on your resume idiot. Even better are these pillars of society on these message boards making statements such as, "The Union will last forever, Verizon will not!" Did the 1103 hire Baghdad Bob as their new publicist and information minister. The union will last about as long as the Iraqi's did. Grow up Moe. Next Mr. Shelton is going to call the CEO and tell him to meet him out by the dumpster at 9:00. Are these people actually serious? Could you possibly make yourself sound anymore ridiculous? "Those of you who are not from around here"...I thank God everyday that I am not from the armpit of America. It is absolutely amazing that through ignorance and the lack of an education, people actually believe that they are entitled to something because they decided to join a glorified street gang. Call me Trent Lott, but if New York is composed of a bunch of trash like that, consider me lucky for never having set foot in that place.

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