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  • learjetwilly learjetwilly Sep 9, 2003 4:56 PM Flag

    Anyone hear Babbio today?

    I was in a meeting, what did he say about the management offer.

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    • And who's cable do you think your calls are on now? Who do you think is going to come to fix your phone line? Right Verizon

    • Ace and the Teleman ...

      When I invest in a stock/company I am thinking long term. I am a buy, hold, and grow investor. The problem with VZ right now is the leadership doesn't seem to offer any future worth owning the stock for. Let's take a look at the picture: competition ( all VZ does is sue the FCC ), the union contract ( I'm glad this is over but it looks like VZ didn't leave itself any wiggle room if VZ keeps losing market share in wireline ), wireles ( very bright future -- problem is VZ might decide to let the wireless division go it alone ), and as far as new tech well VZ is lacking big time.

      This is not a good picture. And with the likes of Ivan, Babbio, et all running the company //// lots of doubt in my mind and wallet right now.

    • Thanks Henry.

      I saw the PE of 10 today and thought that being long is good after all, though with all the negative posts I read I keep second guessing myself. I think Vz is going to do well with the dsl roll out and hope my investment in vz is not in vain. The debt vz holds does have me scared a little.

    • First let me say that Any posts I make are my opinion only !

      Secondly, by profession I am an engineer so my analysis is generally not the type a financial person would smile upon.

      I can see $36 + (maybe $36.50) by the end of this week and next week possibly a range of $36 to the same high (whatever that turns out to be) by the end of this week.

      By the way, thanks for your confidence in me.


    • Hey Henry

      I have been here reading the board for some time and have found you and godithurts to be reliable posters.

      What do you think vz will do before options expire next week?

      Thanks :)

    • I agree with your theory about being a short seller.


    • Sorry, Truk, but replying to any of my messages with a complaint like this is tantamount to watering the sidewalk in order to make it grow. Figure out who it is you were directing this to.

      FYI I have no problems with any of my Verizon serivces. But, if I did, when I called in the report I would TELL THEM what and where the problem was. If the line was cut and they could tell me the cap kick out to the cut, I would drove over and meet them there. And, when all was said and done, I would be assertive with their account office in ensuring adequate compensation.

      BTW the term 'grid' applies to the commercial AC power network.

      You'd better hope the 'grid' doesn't get cut again, because your ATT service probably rides the same facility which VZ just had to fix. And then, you will be yelling at AT&T asking why THEY haven't got the Verizon loop problem cleared. If it is VZ's loop, you have escaped nothing and resolved nothing. Don't go thru life quitting, cutting and running, instead go thru it kicking butt and taking names. It's more fun and educational, for you and for others.

    • Then by all means take your complaint to the FCC and the local PUC, but no one here can help you get any more discount, or would try.

      My guess is this another bullshit story by some short. The strike issue is gone, now we will see all the posts by the stock slammers; but that might be an improvement over what was going on for the past month.

    • What is the rule of 73? Is that a union parameter? fGTE is 76, and VZ managment now has to have 75 points. Is this a change that basically equates to a lowering of the points required to be retirement eligible?

      The 35 week cap basically means that anyone with more than 17.5 years will get nothing for their additional years?

    • Why? -
      1) Verizon accidently cut a line in the grid.
      On 08/06/03.
      2) Called customer service on (2) different occasions - they ran atest said - "Youre line is fine - must be in your home".
      3) Finally got a day of work - scheduled appointment on Thursday (08/14/03)for the Monday of (08/18/03)
      4) Verizon guy shows up - half hour later says - "someone cut your line the grid - we'll fix it within 24 hours"
      5) My bill just arrived with NO adjustment!!
      6)Called Verizon today Tuesday (09/09/03)
      - They were unsympathetic, and only discounted my bill for (4) days.
      7) I called ATT - its cheaper and i get a $25 credit :) :) :) --Yeahhh --- AT&T!!
      Complaint: THEY (Mean, Horrid, Verizon) - cut my lines! I WAS without service for more than (4) days! I used a VACATION day to meet with Verizon employee repairman -- SCREW YOU WORTHLESS VERIZON! -- I'm complaining to FCC and YOU WILL NEVER HAVE MY BUSINESS AGAIN!! ---FOR ANYTHING!!! You cheap, money-grubbing losers

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