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  • bushjrtheidiotsonofanidiot003 bushjrtheidiotsonofanidiot003 Feb 9, 2004 8:52 PM Flag

    Kerry/Edwards - Landslide

    Kerry/Edwards will be a Landslide victory in November. Lot of folks seem to have forgotten that W did not even get the most votes against Gore/Liebermann. It is questionable whether he even won. The Democratic Base is mobilized and even many conservatives are disenchanted!

    Kerry/Edwards or Kerry and any strong VP is an orders of magnitude stronger ticket than Gore/Liebermann!

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    • Sicki humor can be theraputic, politics and humor are the only way we can stay friends during an election year. Your post adds to the humor needed in this forum. The posts here are sometimes emotional, sometimes hateful and many times negitive. thanks for sharing . Oh yea, I was there when Clinton called. He was looking for Michael...

    • After the Super Bowl, President Bush called the New England Patriots and congratulated them on their win.

      Al Gore called the Carolina Panthers and said he thought they were robbed.

      Bill Clinton called Janet Jackson.

    • oh for Christ's sake, will you guys give it a rest on the right wing left wing bullshit?

      Get a room for god's sake. And get off this board; you waste everyone's time.

    • Don't you mean "wishy washy" perspective?

    • Well, glad I could stimulate the ruffling lol... My feeling is not necessarily about Repub's in general, just the few in there now... I actually supported Arnie in his bid to be the Governator in CA. I just don't like the direction that GW is leading us now. As I said before, I think that he did a PHENOMINAL job with 9/11, I just don't like where the spin took us. And btw, I don't necessarily agree with everything JK has supported either. I don't like NAFTA at all, but seeing as now he's starting to see that it is failing us, and that his position is evolving, and ADMITTING that some of his past votes have been mistaken, I think that he is seeing things with a more middle of the road perspective.

    • Flashman, you have such strong beliefs about republicans and the lives they lead, the methods ogf their ways and the differences they havve, but when it comes to one of yours you find no fault. It seems to me that you have lost you objectivity. Go back several weeks and re-read your posts, maybe you will see what I refer to. You should understand that most of your posts are relevant, jnformative and helpful. But sometimes your left wing banter ruffels my feathers, but hey, I need to be ruffeled sometimes.

    • Screwing around in the White House only pissed people off, the lying about it to the people pissed people off, lying about it to a court of law was illegal.

    • I would not PERSONALLY cheat on my wife, I PERSONALLY think it's wrong, ......

      Last night, right after ... as your wife was leaving ... she said "Jake, Flash would never cheat on me. He is such a drip".

    • "That would be like you screwing around on your wif in her bedroom. on a personal level."

      PERSONALLY, I agree with you on the morals thing, I never said I agreed with what he did, just that I didn't think it was as big a deal as it was made out to be. Presidents have been screwing around in the White House since George Washington, and the Starr report was making it sound like Billy Boy was the first one in an intern's pants. I think if everyone believes that, then they're seriously naive. I would not PERSONALLY cheat on my wife, I PERSONALLY think it's wrong, I just don't push my personal morals and beliefs onto other people. I, like many others, in this country and in others just didn't see what it had to do with the way He performed his position as president.

    • Flashman, Flashman, Here is a news flash, She was an Intern, working for free in the white house, He discovers her talents and promotes her to a paid position, (kness) and it is all taking place in the white house Oval office, last time I checked this building belongs to the taxpayers. The last time I looked we were paying his salery. If this is not important to you then your morals and ethics are in question. Sorry dude but you blew it on this call. Whitehouse our house, That would be like you screwing around on your wif in her bedroom. on a personal level. But you don't think it would matter to your wife because its behind closed doors with another consenting adult.

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