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  • MR_PLOW_TX MR_PLOW_TX Aug 18, 2004 12:03 PM Flag

    CWA,, bighippo, and Flashman...

    Exhibit A, B, and C...

    Thanks for proving my point.

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    • exhibit a,b,c of what?? What point of yours did we prove??? I'm just curious...

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      • �What point of yours did we prove??? I'm just curious...�

        I stated, � If you are a liberal, your �god� is your political belief FIRST, and all things are secondary in importance. For most liberals, their political views ARE their �religion�. Because this is true, liberals must make every attempt to remove anything, including God, from public discourse because He �competes with this important tenet of their �religion�. For evidence of this fact one must have been alive and paying attention for the last 40 years.

        Liberals are incapable of distinguishing �good� from �evil� because they have no �moral compass� outside of their religion--- liberalism.�

        You then stated, �If you choose to believe that an invisible man in the sky controls your destiny, that's fine by me, go for yours. By that rationale, you would also believe that some horned, evil lunatic is in a fiery pit, torturing all the souls that strayed from God's plan. All of this is fine, as long as you don't press your ideological beliefs into governing our country. One has nothing to do with the other...

        First, you dismiss God by mockingly by calling Him the �invisible man in the sky� and then suggest that He does not control everyone�s destiny. That is your view and you�re entitled to it, but because it does not fit your political view of the world, you can�t help yourself in ridiculing it. For a liberal its innate, much like breathing. Secondly, this country was founded upon Christian-Judean beliefs and principles, so the fact that you can state, �One has nothing to do with the other�� so unequivocally, demonstrates again that the very foundation this country was founded on run counter to your political view� liberalism.

        I also stated that, �Another �principle� of the liberal �religion� is �moral relativism�. It�s the primary reason liberals are so dangerous when left with the responsibility of protecting our country from its enemies. From the day September 11th happened, liberals came out of the woodwork, as they do today, to claim that �we must understand these terrorists� or that somehow �America is to blame�.

        Your response: �I personally think that 'God' can be whatever you want it to be��

        Could a more descriptive and clear cut example of �moral relativism� be provided? No, but because you are liberal, you don�t have the sense to know that most of what you espouse is counter to the principles responsible for the very founding of this country. Even the events of September 11th can�t bring you reexamine your political �religion�, primarily because 1) it is the most important thing in your life, and 2) you refuse to acknowledge the fact that there is something bigger and more powerful than your political �belief�.

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