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  • corppigwatcher corppigwatcher Sep 27, 2004 10:39 AM Flag

    Wake up AMERICANS!

    You have been Bushwacked. Okay, one more time for the slow learners: Iraq did not attack the United States, bin Laden did. We should have given more than a token effort in tracking that animal down. Plus, it is a fact that Bush started planing the Iraqi war almost immediately upon taking office. He, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Wolfowitz are all full of shit. They outright lied to the American people and they should be fired come November!

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    • I'll say it one more time...all you liberals want the 9-11 Commission recommendations put into effect right NOW. You think this report is the end all of the blame for GWB and the war on terror.

      Well butthead, it contradicts all you just posted.

      So now that there is written evidence, by a bi-lateral, non-partisan government committee, what will your next lame argument be?

      Start with Chapter 12 to simply and finally address they foolish point you just tried to make.

      I am assuming that because you can post on the Internet, you can read and comprehend what you read?

    • I am sorry that I can only recommend that post one time!! Very well said.

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