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  • billy_d_tech billy_d_tech Aug 29, 2006 4:33 PM Flag


    You kept posting about Verizon getting employees sick from asbestos and other products they work with time after time. How about explaing the bullshit you are posting, if not why not just shut up.

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    • Dear kzgurl2003. I worked in VA but this would apply to employees throughout VZ and the time frame could be from previous Bell Atlantic and other baby bells , like Bell South, AT+T, etc. through now ( about 1980 until now ) The employees that would be affected are those that used or exposed to carbonless copy paper, ccp. This is a paper form where you fill out the top copy and the print goes through to one or more copies without carbon paper. I worked in the business office but I know that employees in many job functions used this. Also, how long have you worked there. glad to provide more details and even speak with you privately. this is something to be taken very seriously. also as with the previous post that I am just reading, I will be glad to post the court case number in DC and any other information needed. B

    • Hi, I work for Verizon and would like to know in which verizon you contracted this horrible illness. I am in PA, am I safe?

    • Ivan guilty of murder ? How many employees do you think Ivan has purposely allowed to die from cancer and other related injuries to ccp he knew could happen and he purposely did not warn them. Does that make him and other corporate officers guilty of murder ?

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      • Now you've explained yourself, if even 25% of what you say is true this could be cause for concern; however, I'm not inclined to believe you yet... I reviewed the history of your posts since you showed up here 2 weeks ago. It's a case of escalating accusations. You start with claiming there's a class action suit pending, then 2 weeks later reveal that you were personally affected. Next it's intentional tort, now you're claiming murder?? Just a little to over the top for me.

        Answer this for me, why a civil suit, these should be criminal offenses? Are you out for money, or justice, or just BSing? Also, assuming what you say is true, why go after Verizon and ignore the (unnamed) supplier of the ccp?

        How about posting some solid, third party info that can be verified? You claim a suit is in the DC USDC, what's the case or docket number? Do you have any info that'll boost your credibility?

        Why don't you go back to the ATT board and keep posting nonsense about how the BLS merger is going to be stopped by your favorite Judge Sullivan

    • Dear tall1944, I thought you and others may be interested in some very nice people. Apparently I posted information about how VZ has treated me, denial of my disability, benefits , injuries and firing on other sites. I got a message a short time ago from a very nice man. He is part of an investment group from Florida . He tells me that he only has about 2300 shares of VZ but he is going to sell these. He does not want to be associated with any company that treats employees in such a way. He also says that he knows a lot of people there in his retirement and church groups that also have shares and he is going to encourage them to also sell. I really appreciate that type of support.

    • Dear billydtech, I am sorry for just responding to your post before now. I was at the doctor being treated for the injuries form exposure to the asbestos, PFOA, PFOS, formaldehyde, benzene, ethanol, methanol, ethylene glycol monoethyl ether, propylene glycol, acrylic polymer, isocyanates, alkylphenol novolac resin and dozens more carcinogenicity chemicals while employed at Verizon and before Bell Atlantic. I will not post the pages of known adverse heatlh effects from these chemicals, it may be to complicated for you to grasp, but I will tell you this is serious enough that an eight page motion has been filed with the USDC for DC to Judge Sullivan to review the information regarding this and the lies that Verizon has told to thousands of employees. Judge Sullivan could take this information and because of the facts presented, order the merger of Verizon and MCI invalid. Verizon could actually be forced to tell the truth about all aspects of business. I hope that you are not like Ivan and care more about pay and stock than you do the health, safety and lives of the thousands of employees of Verizon. Should you wish more information, please let me know.

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