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  • billy_d_tech billy_d_tech Aug 30, 2006 9:18 AM Flag


    How about some examples of how and where you and others were exposed.

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    • gladly- I worked as a customer service rep-you know-ther person you called for phone service, billing quesions and the all around answer person. I had 25 years service. I had begun having adverse heatlh problems for several years. Myself and the majority of those I worked with blamed the building thinking we worked in a "sick building". I was fired because of these health problems and the fact that I lost my voice completely. I was to discover almost a year later that many other employees in VA, MD, NY, MA WV and several other offices that did the same job as me were also sick like me, some also fired or forced to retire and then discovered internal documents that confirm that Verizon knew of the potential cause of the injuries, carbonless copy paper, ccp, had contacted the manfucaturers of the ccp we used daily ( we used dozens of forms daily and had it all over our desks file cabinets and other doclations) had gotten the chemicals and known adverse health effects, had prepared warnings to give to employees and then apparently decided not to give the warnings to any employees. It was a fluke that I got hold of these internal documents. Verizon knew and has known for years that the previous listed chemcials and many more were in the ccp we used, knew that health problems included loss of voice, ( caused by the alkylphenol novolac resin) mucous membrane and respiratory irritation, central nervous system depression with symptoms of headaches, drowsiness, tingling, numbness, shooting pains in hands and arms nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, changes in color perception, clouded or double vision, blindness, weakness, fatigue, leg cramps, restlessness, confusion, drunken behavior, skin irritation including defatting of the skin , dermatitis, eye injury, kidney and liver damage, asthma, blood pressure and heart problems, stroke, unconsciousness, coma, cancer, death, birth defects including central nervous system damage to the fetus, fetal alchol syndrome, mental and physical retardation, disturbances of learning , motor and language deficiencies, behavioral disorders, small head size, decreased sperm counts, testicular atrophy, cancer in various organs and the asbestos injuries and many many more problems. To date not one employee has been warned. I have been in contact with Ivan, Bill Barr, Doreen Toben, Marc Reed, Thomas Tauke , Thomas Bartlett, Marianne Drost and dozens more trying to get them to warn the thousands of current and former employees. They are now facing a class action for intentional tort, personal injuries, possible RICO and many other charges.
      As a 25 year employee, I was denied my medical disability and lost all benefits because I was a good employee, went to work and was purposely injured by a product they knew could cause me great harm. I am totally disabled, have come close to death several times and my life stays in peril.
      Anything else you would like to know. AS persons interested in Verizons stock, I would think you would like to know of these impending losses for Verizon. Feel free to verify all this with Ivan.

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