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  • allflamenoheat allflamenoheat Oct 19, 2006 7:52 AM Flag

    Sea change.

    Just heard Tim Russert report that the GOP is going to pay for being drunk with power. Latest NBC poll shows Dems leading by 15 points. When they asked the same question in 1994 prior to the republicans taking over the GOP had a 6 point bulge. Whether this changes anyones investment perspctive? I don't know? But Rove saying "don't worry" certainly looks as right as Cheney's declararion that the Iraqis will throw flowers at us. IMO. the GOP needed this dope slap. It sure looks like it is enroute

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    • I'm getting an education here on this issue. It is wrankling many, that much is sure.I know some here don't care for these slightly OT subjects but I'm learning things. I'll be watching with renewed interest developments regarding this whole issue.

    • I don't believe that economics alone is the root of this problem. I think that is the most convenient excuse they can find right now that distracts from the fact that INS and many other agencies have ignored many laws that are already on the books and have failed miserably to do they job they are challenged with and paid to do. If we hadn't ignored the laws we passed and enforced them the problem might not be as mammoth as it is.

      We can't provide amnesty or a temporary worker program because we don't how many there are. If we did we could deport them or jail the criminals. They are so spread out across this country with either no ID or fake or stolen ID it would be impossible to send them home.

      I read a few weeks ago where we have several thousand Chinese in custody, caught coming in illegally from both Canada and Mexico, but can't deport them because China refuses to take them back. I suggest if we have illegals that their home country won't take back, we send them a bill for their upkeep. When they don't pay that, and they won't, we start with trade sanctions or reductions in their financial aid.

      We can't deport or jail them all, but we need to make some sort of concerted effort to stem the flow and to begin enforcing the laws currently on the books.

    • I agree win. This is an intractable problem because of the ecomomics involved. Costs a fortune to attack this problem from the supply side 1.e. fences, ditches, border guards etc. and it is also unpalatable from the demand side. We could give stiff jail terms to those hiring these guys? At what cost and to which industries? Other problems as well. Even perfect border defense has guards that take bribes for example. It will take a Ton of political will to attack this problem from both the supply and demand side simutaneously. Considering the scale of the other problems facing the nation? I doubt much will change any time soon

    • We don't know how many illegals there are in this country and if you pass an amnesty bill, by the time the ink dries on it, there will be several million more.

      Both houses of Congress and both parties have been asleep at the wheel on immigration for decades. They are now only making noise because someone called it a national safety issue.

      It is only an issue now because it might impact someone's reelection. They don't want change because it will impact a perceived voting block or the level of contributions from their caretakers.

      They are disingenuous and shameless in their lack of action on past immigration opportunities and their future plans.

    • I tried real hard to resist getting involved in these political discussions but can't control myself here.... I agree 100% with Larry on the immigration issue. The dems would love to have these "illegals" granted amnesty, become citizens and eventually loyal dem voters. If we reward illegal behavior, all we'll get in return is more illegal behavior.

    • "larry, I don't see the immigrant issues facing the country as a partisan issue. The GOP has controlled all 3 branches of govenrment for years. What were they? Asleep at the switch?"
      It is, in fact, a partisan issue. How many Democrat candidates do you see touting building a fence? Their voting record in Congress is almost totally in favor of amnesty and open borders. Were it not for a Republican House, we'd have 20 million illegal aliens become citizens. A Democrat House will see this come to fruition next year.

    • larry, I don't see the immigrant issues facing the country as a partisan issue. The GOP has controlled all 3 branches of govenrment for years. What were they? Asleep at the switch? Lots of competing interests and agendas here making for strange bed-fellows. But this war? Pure neo-con. And it is one big albatross to tote around. That is the single issue that stands out.

    • As I said before, a vote for a Democrat Congressperson is a vote for amnesty and open borders for illegal aliens. The only people standing in their way are Republican Housemembers.

    • The Domocratics may take over the Senate after Nov. election. hope that they can work together with Ripublics and do some good. If they can't the whole bunch should be canned by us Americans.

    • As a registered middle class Democrat, I have to say the Republicans have been blowing it big time. Add it all up:Jack Abramoff, Bob Ney, Mark Foley, Dennis Hastert,etc,etc... It sure does look like 94 all over again, but this time the GOP appears to be heading for a bloodbath. I also happen to be a member of the investor class and if the Dems make a clean sweep of both the House & Senate, I feel the equities market is going to suffer; my best scenario is that the GOP narrowly holds onto the Senate & Dems take the House and I think the goldilocks economy roars on!

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