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  • federallysanctionedcrime federallysanctionedcrime Apr 10, 2007 5:29 PM Flag


    In order to arrive at a fair evaluation to determine whether Ivan and the Board of Directors accepted/took excessive compensation from the Verizon shareholders employees, managers, and retirees, the AFL-CIO will need a check list:

    1. Has Ivan's compensation been in line with Verizon's shareholder return and the bottom line?

    2. Is there any reason to believe that Verizon's shareholders, managers, employees, and retirees have not profited to the same degree as Ivan?

    3. In 2006, Ivan picked up an extra 19 million for himself. Is this bonus an accurate reflection of VZ's profits in 2006?

    4. Did Mike Capella's 39.2 million dollar 2006 bonus come out of the pockets of Verizon's shareholders, employees, managers, and retirees? Was this amount separate from the 13.5 million dollar bonus paid to Mike by MCI?

    5. Is the 2006 39.2 million dollars paid to Mike an illegal bribe to shut off talks with Qwest and, if so, are Ivan and the Board involved?

    6. Before converting the MCI shares into Verizon shares, Capellas and his cohorts grabbed an additional $5.50 per share dividend for themselves. Was this questionable payoff taken out of the pockets of Verizon's shareholders, managers, employees, and retirees? If so, are Ivan and the Board responsible? Is this entire sum money that was embezzled from the old WorldCom shareholders, or was it taken directly from the money to be transferred to Verizon by MCI at the time of the sale?

    7. A former Attorney General of the United States has described the MCI bankruptcy as the "illegal laundering of stolen goods." He accuses President Bush of rewarding corporate crime. What the AFL-CIO must determine is whether the 2006 payoffs by Verizon to Ivan and Mike were separate from or part of the MCI Stage II (2002-2006)Fraud.

    8.It appears that the SEC and the Justice Department, on orders from President Bush, have granted immunity to Judge Arthur Gonzalez and Michael Capellas for all alleged criminal acts (obstruction of justice, fraud, embezzlement, and conspiracy to defraud)committed between the years 2002 and 2006. If this is the case, does this immunity include Ivan, the VZ Board, and MCI's creditors?

    9. Was the 280 million slipped to Capellas by Gonzalez for the MCI "self study" and name change (WorldCom to MCI)a separate incident (the money has never been accounted for)or part of the on-going 2002-2006 Stage II MCI Fraud?

    10. While operating under an illegal bankruptcy, MCI acquired three new companies with their "stolen goods." In addition, Judge Arthur Gonzalez granted MCI's creditors insider trading to, according to Gonzalez,keep them from "operating at a disadvantage." Again are these separate events or part of the 2002-2006 fraud that ultimately lead to the transfer to Verizon? In other words, at what point did Ivan actually become involved?

    By using this check list and answering all questions fairly, the AFL-CIO should be able to arrive at a fair evaluation of Ivan's total compensation package.

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