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  • vzcotec vzcotec Aug 9, 2008 2:29 PM Flag

    We should walk, WildCat

    Well its been one week of PROGRESS!
    The only thing that seems to have changed is that all the people who took the 1st week of August off to avoid the strike added to a blacklog for the Company.
    Can anyone tell me what the Communication workers have gained in the past week?
    Like I said in the past, a good month long stike would be good for everyone, the company and the union. It would show the need for each other. We are only talking about less that 40% of the VZ work force. Management comming in from other areas can learn on the job in the east. Their areas employees will get to earn more while they are out in the east. This will also show the company where they can cut the management work force in the other parts of VZ. The old if you don't need them today, then you don't need them tommrow, remember the old business school MBA courses. Working managers mistakes will be like contractors mistakes. They will not be around when their mistakes are found out and have to be corrected. The managers that they will be working for will forget about their work and just be glad to have the system troubles fixed. These second and third levels will not be tracking results of these replacement workers. They will only, as usual be looking at their numbers, as in the past. The only thing that will be show is which parts of the system that have suffered from cost cutting.
    Now if the Union does not stay out or comes back to its employees with some bougus contract then I hope to GOD that the membership will vote NO, and stay out.

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