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  • rockenroller1953 rockenroller1953 Oct 7, 2008 3:17 PM Flag

    Republicans' Usual Bag of Dirty Tricks BACKFIRES ON THEM

    The Republicans tried their usual slime, underhanded tactics this week. The latest was a character assassination attempt of Barack Obama by trying to connect him to a terrorist.
    It backfired on them FIERCELY AND EMBARRASSINGLY" when John McCain's role in the S&L crisis and his friendship with convicted Republican felon Charles Keating in the 1980's was brought to light when Barack responded.
    It couldn't have come at a worse time for the Republicans, especially in the latest financial crisis they have caused. The latest polls, which show the Republicans trailing handily, are living proof.

    Bye,bye, Repukes.

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    • Give me a break you didn't know about it either and if you say you did you were either a member or more likely a LIAR.

    • He couldn't have done it without the blessing of Congress. He could have vetoed many of their bills, but they had the power to override it. He couldn't have gotten bills passed without the approval of Congress.

      He is an idiot, but he didn't do this alone.

      Congress and its unbridled corruption and lack of oversight or attention by most American's will be the undoing of this country. Even Mr. Sunshine and Light won't be able to do it alone, but he will likely have a sympathetic Democratic Congress to help and at least at first even the smart ones will not question his motives or long-term impacts. They will simply vote with him to get face time with the media and to ride the lobbyist train.

      An uncontested Congress is the nightmare that we should all fear at every waking moment and even in our sleep.

    • Figurehead? Are you serious or delerious? This Bozo of a president has done more damage to this country than any foreign enemy ever did!

    • The real test of the voters is simple...

      Even Clinton called it a PROJECTED SURPLUS"...

      It was based on collecting income tax on all of the retires 401Ks and IRAs

      And capital gains tax on their homes...

      and inheritance tax on their deaths..

      combined with the belief that congress would NOT spend the extra money..

      On something like Hillary care..

    • "I am not hear to educate your azz. Do your own research and stop acting like an idiot! "

      LOL I forgot the best part of the above is: I am not hear.... Yes that is true you do not hear do you that is too funny. I wonder if you even understand it. Oh I guess now the name calling will start. Thanks again for the laugh.

    • No you are not hear to educate you are here to LIE. Boy it really is funny to get you guys going. You will make up things and really think that people will believe you. Then you tell people who know more than you to do research(something you appear to never have done) Thank you for the morning laugh.

    • EXACTLY!!!

      From March Of 1995 Until September Of 1997, Obama And Ayers Attended At Least Seven Meetings Together Relating To The Chicago Annenberg Challenge. (Chicago Annenberg Challenge, Board Of Directors Meeting, Minutes Of The Board, 3/15/95, 3/31/95, 4/13/95, 6/5/95, 9/30/97; National Annenberg Challenge Evaluation Meeting, List Of Participants, 5/24/95; Chicago Annenberg Challenge, Chicago School Reform Collaborative Meeting, Minutes, 10/23/96)

      NOTE: Bill Ayers Was Asked To Help Obama Formulate The Chicago Annenberg Challenge By-Laws. (Chicago Annenberg Challenge Board Of Directors Minutes, 3/15/95)
      In 1997, Obama Praised Ayers' Book On The Juvenile Justice System. "The two men were involved in efforts to reform the city's education system. They appeared together on academic panels, including one organized by Michelle Obama to discuss the juvenile justice system, an area of mutual concern. Mr. Ayers's book on the subject won a rave review in The Chicago Tribune by Mr. Obama, who called it 'a searing and timely account.'" (Jo Becker and Christopher Drew, "Pragmatic Politics, Forged On The South Side," The New York Times, 5/11/08)

      Obama On William Ayers' "A Kind And Just Parent: The Children Of Juvenile Court": "A searing and timely account of the juvenile court system, and the courageous individuals who rescue hope from despair." (Chicago Tribune, 12/21/97)
      "[Obama And Ayers] Have Also Appeared Jointly On Two Academic Panels, One In 1997 And Another In 2001." (Russell Berman, "Obama's Ties To Left Come Under Scrutiny," The New York Sun, 2/19/08)

      From 1999 To 2002, Obama Served With Ayers On The Board Of Directors For Woods Fund Of Chicago. "[Ayers] served with [Obama] from 1999 to 2002 on the board of the Woods Fund, an anti-poverty group." (Timothy J. Burger, "Obama's Chicago Ties Might Fuel 'Republican Attack Machine'," Bloomberg, 2/15/08)

      During The Time Obama And Ayers Served Together On The Woods Fund, Ayers Was Quoted Saying "I Don't Regret Setting Bombs ... I Feel We Didn't Do Enough." "'I don't regret setting bombs,' Bill Ayers said. 'I feel we didn't do enough.' Mr. Ayers, who spent the 1970's as a fugitive in the Weather Underground, was sitting in the kitchen of his big turn-of-the-19th-century stone house in the Hyde Park district of Chicago." (Dinitia Smith, "No Regrets For A Love Of Explosives," The New York Times, 9/11/01)
      NOTE: Obama, Born August 14th, 1961, Was 40 Years Old When Ayers Was Quoted. (Obama For America Website,, Accessed 10/6/08; Dinitia Smith, "No Regrets For A Love Of Explosives," The New York Times, 9/11/01)
      While Obama And Ayers Were Serving On The Woods Fund Together, Ayers Posed Standing On An American Flag For An Article In Chicago Magazine Entitled "No Regrets." (Marcia Froelke Coburn, "No Regrets," Chicago Magazine, 8/01)
      Obama And Ayers Are Neighbors In Chicago's Hyde Park Neighborhood. "Twenty-six years later, at a lunchtime meeting about school reform in a Chicago skyscraper, Barack Obama met Mr. Ayers, by then an education professor. Their paths have crossed sporadically since then, at a coffee Mr. Ayers hosted for Mr. Obama's first run for office, on the schools project and a charitable board, and in casual encounters as Hyde Park neighbors." (Scott Shane, "Obama And '60s Bomber: A Look Into Crossed Paths," The New York Times, 10/4/08)

    • It's true, character assassination attempt on Obama is pretty hard by the GOP.

      It's such a small target to hit! :-)

      His character is so SMALL.

      All I see on TV before today's debate is Obama people trying to get on the TV with their sign We want Change Obama.

      Yes, I agree, we do want Obama to change. But it's pretty tough to change in a few weeks. He can further distance himself from Wright, ACORN, etc.

      • 1 Reply to bcks246
      • What's doing McCain in is his inability to distance himself from:
        1) A religious-right wacko like John Hagee
        2) A religious right wacko like James Dobson
        3) A religious right wacko like SARAH PALIN
        4) A charlatan like Phil Gramm, his economic advisor, who's largely responsible for this financial crisis with his de-regulation bill he sponsored
        5) A charlatan like Charles Keating of the S&L fame.
        6) And last but not least, the biggest charlatan of all, GEORGE BUSH.

    • Most mismanaged stock in the DOW. Easiest short in the DOW. Old Stinky falls worse than the DOW.

    • Funny how you Democrat's forget who been running the House and Senate for the past couple years. Its been the Democrat's screwing everything up. Also in Barack Obama's book that he authored, he said that if the US went to war with the Muslim countrys that he would stand with the Muslim people. Plus he did not put a American Flag on his plain. Is he a true American? Is this what we need in the USA? I don't think so.

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      • And it's funny how you Republicans fail to mention that the Republicans had the House from 1994 and screwed things up royally for over a decade. The biggest pork barrel projects in the nation's history came when these Repukes ran things.
        Not mention the drastic 180 degree turnaround in 2000 that saw a huge surplus turn into to the biggest deficit in history, thanks to Dubya.
        In 2001 there was good ole "Kenneth "Kenny Boy" Lay of Enron fame, a major George Bush contributor, who destroyed countless people's lives. Remember him?
        And then you had House majority whip Tom "The Hammer" Delay and his convicted buddy Jack Abramoff with their lobbyist scandals.

      • 8yrs of f-ck ups A-hole.

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