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  • pinhighshot pinhighshot Oct 22, 2008 5:02 PM Flag

    Liberals will kill this country from within..

    Why is there no media uproar over the way Democrats blocked changes that might have mitigated some of this mess? Why is there outrage over leading Democrats being the top recipients of money from Fannie and Freddy?

    Why is there no outrage over Obama saying he wants to redistribute the wealth of the rich?

    Why are Waxman and Barney skating off scot free in this mess?

    Where is the media outrage over the things that Biden has been saying about Obama being ‘tested’?

    Why is there only media outrage over McCain supposedly being a racist?

    We are being led by the nose to our slow demise. It seems slow, but my guess is that if Obama wins, it will happen with his first 4 years.

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    • The first lessons learned from the USSR was that you must control the press.

      Obama not only controls 80 percent of your main stream media, but when elected he will invoke the "fairness doctrine" which will silence all those who disagree with the democrats and their agenda.

      The really funny thing is that the people are doing this to themselves. Kruschev threatened to bury the US and that moment is at hand. All they needed was a president that both the USSR AND Islam could endorse.

    • There is no outrage as the media is backing Obama to the nuts. I was, at one time, an avid reader of the NY Times. No longer. It has become the National Inquirer of the liberal agenda and in my opinion isn't good enough to line the cat box. The educators and East coast elite want our Country to fall in line with the European Union and since that is Obama's model he will have their (the medias) support until the end. Look no further than the media attacks on Palin and then read your history books on how both Hitler and Stalin used media campaigns to discredit all that opposed them. I am greatly saddened by the political discourse that has infected our politics. For crying out loud, John Kennedy would not be suitable for the Democratic party with todays ideology.
      It should come as no surprise that we end up with 3rd rate candidates for our most powerful political position. I just wonder if Ms Palin had any clue as to what was going to come her way.

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