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  • y2k7trillionover y2k7trillionover Feb 28, 2010 5:42 PM Flag

    VZ could save jobs this way

    Health insurance costs:
    222,927 at current heath insurance rates of $12,850 = $2,864,611,950
    222,927 at increased rates for next year of $15,420 = $3,437,534,340

    If VZ simply cancels health insurance benefits it would save $3,437,534,340

    If VZ then eliminates vacation benefits it would save an additional 6 percent of employee compensation or about $3,000 per employee for another $641,136,000.

    If VZ then eliminates all paid sick time and maternaty leave, jury duty and all the rest of such socialist things, it tould bring that up to over $1 billion for a total of over $4 billion per year.

    Total savings without layoffs would be about $20 to $25 BILLION over the next 5 years.

    Employees could keep their jobs and shareholders could reap great dividends.

    Just a suggestion from Tea Party movemement folks to remove socialism from USA corporations.

    Note: Since VZ has already decided to purge about 12,000 of the unproductive employees over the next several months, that will save about $600,000,000 or about $3 billion. This is also good to eliminate unproductive people from the workforce. They should purge more every year until VZ becomes productive.

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    • Why not just cancel all 223,000 remaining employees?

      Then the share price would shoot through the roof.

      Think about it, zero overhead.

      Great idea Y2K, you should give Ivan a call and see if you can get him to go for it. I'm positive he'll love the idea.

      By the way, if you're not being sarcastic, then you're nothing but a lowlife piece of pond scum.

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