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  • mhensell mhensell Jun 25, 2010 7:54 PM Flag

    Any News on EISP in Potomac?

    Has the list of surplus/non-surplus names been released to the unions yet? Has anyone heard anything regarding the 7/3 and 11/21 off payroll dates? As someone with mere mediocre seniority (10+ years) i'm sweating bullets. I can't believe I could be stuck here till Nov.

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    • Dear Mark H,

      Wow . Got ANGER? Can't deal with negative feedback?

      Here's the bottom line : (A.) The company overpaid you most of your life . (B.) Thank your UNION for that !

      P.S. Your wife's a dog no wonder your wound a bit tight!

    • thank you

    • For those interested......CWA2100 has posted the results on their website.

      Here are the links:

      July Off-Payroll Names

      November names:

    • Eric- your post sounds a lot like a personal attack. You know as much about me as I know of you. I'll say this- you find a dusty spot and I'll bring my 'set', the beer, AND my wife. My guess is that's you've NEVER settled anything with fists in your entire life. Tell your wife I said that.

    • cwamember......first off, yes, I am a union member- have been since day one. Were I not, I wouldn't be in a position to question the allocation, appropriation and general use of the $8,580.00 I've paid in dues for the last 11 years.

      Secondly, what exactly did you paraphrase? And I'm going to need for you to expand on the reasoning behind labeling me a pretender, as well.

      With that said, I would agree with you on one point....that point being that CWA will be better off without me. I, no doubt, will certainly be better off without them, as well. And even IF I thought it was all about me, as you claim, then I find it curious that most nearly everyone in my area expresses similar frustrations.

      For crying out loud- all I was asking for was that the volunteer list be posted, as promised. CWA13000 informed it's members that the list was received Friday night. That's where it died.

      Look- i'm not a union basher. I've been a faithful due paying member for as long I've been with Verizon. We've filed COUNTLESS grievances over the past 5 years on matters such as:

      1) Movement of work in the newer technologies to VZ Business
      2) Mid-contract dress code changes
      3) Mid-contract changes to the attendance policy
      4) Issues of code of conduct

      NONE.....Let me say that one more time....NONE have yielded any results. CWA has failed to represent us here in matters originating long before this EISP.

      And by the way, non-union technicians at VZ Business enjoy salaries greater than ours. Our pay ain't that great, anymore. And we lose more and more of those benefits you spoke of with every contract.

      So, as far as I'm concerned, CWA's biggest priority is CWA. To be honest, were I Verizon, I want them out of my house, too. Your CWA propaganda reminds me of someone in particular- Goebbels ring a bell?

    • Mik you are so wrong. If anything verizon needs to get rid of upper management deadwood.

    • cwa member,when you are no longer a dues paying member you are treated as such. Yes there are retired member meetings, but you don't get to vote anymore.

    • CWA - finished next contract - get out while you can.
      In order to surive the comapny need to ditch CWA.

    • Ahhh where have all the good times gone? Remember the good ol days where if you had a beef within the local you could go down to the next meeting and settle it like a man .Have a little dust up ,straighten it out have a beer and all's well that ends well.Not today in this pussified era of whinebags ............disgusting ,grow a set!After you call your wife ask her first!

    • I've had enough of your bellyaching. to paraphrase you, a union member(maybe, maybe not), I might add that has been paid very well over the years(thanks to the members of CWA.)

      Get over yourself! It's not just all about you.

      CWA has to concern itself about everybody. Those who wish to voluntarily leave and the security of those who remain.

      Believe me folks, it's not in the interest of CWA to keep pretenders like mhen around.

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