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  • moneystagger moneystagger Aug 9, 2011 6:15 AM Flag

    I Fully Support LABOR UNIONS...

    Hows that stock doing V?

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    • When I was employed, I supported union. Why? It usually got me an increase in salary and benefits. Smart.
      Now I am not employed and I no longer support unions. Why? I do not enjoy any of their increased salary and benefits. Actually I have to help pay for their benefits out of my meager income and I get nothing.
      HOW? Unions cause: Raise in the cost of living; raise taxes; reduce employment; and increase the number of poor people.
      Supporters of unions, you need to think about your welfare. Unions do not think of yours only theirs.
      Gov't unions are the worst.

    • Stock is doing quite nicely all things considered and good buying opportunities come with the downtick in price, means an especially bigger dividend. Things will get resolved, but this sabotage business, wouldnt be surprised if Verizon told the union to go take a permanent hike, there is nothing legally that says Verizon has to renew any contracts. Just because the union workers initially installed the wires and hardware does not give them the right to take it down. That's criminal activity. There's plenty of folks out there that need jobs and even though they lost their jobs at other places, they would never stoop so low as to inflict damage like this. The union did nothing to prevent this, Verizon should no longer recognize this union as any legitimate body and start advertising that there are 45,000 job opening at Verizon ready to be filled. Going on strike is one thing, to stoop to violence is unacceptable. Should consider those that get caugth nothing more than terroist and they should be dealt with harshly. Who would be so stupid to consider doing damage like this and think they will eventually get away with it?

    • Do you also support cutting Fios lines like your socialist union scum have been doing in Massachusetts?

      The stock market is down for all stocks, and it has nothing to do with your socialist strike, scumball!

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