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  • da_veritas da_veritas Aug 13, 2011 7:33 AM Flag

    verizons ultimate goal -- all jobs to India

    I did not write this but found it on the Forbes website.
    This person sums it up perfectly.

    What Verizon tries to wallpaper over, is the fact that the wireless network which is generating all the company’s profit, rides the same network as its wireline portion. There is only one network. It’s only wireless until you hit the first cell tower. So while wireline is labeled as “struggling” – because Verizon has been pushing its sales force to encourage customers to migrate to wireless – it’s actually doing all the support and maintenance work for the profitable wireless division, but getting none of the profits; therefore, looking like it’s “struggling.” Wireless gets a free ride off the Verizon network. Last year, by its own reports, Verizon wireline division was down on revenue over year previous by 2.9%. In that same time, Verizon cut the wireline workforce by 20%. Yet it insists it is unable to maintain the current benefits for the remaining workforce. All the talk of 100+ concession demands at the bargaining table are but a red herring; Verizon’s actual intent, under the new CEO MacAdams, appears to be to move the remaining jobs offshore as quickly as possible. The only jobs left stateside will be those people climbing poles. Which means no taxable income from close to 45,000 jobs, no taxable corporate revenue as whatever is earned offshore in the outsourced calling and test centers will remain offshore – and not taxable. That’s a lot of revenue lost to the US Treasury. And near 45,000 on the unemployment lines. Verizon’s comments about wireline are disingenuous; the wireline workforce is the boiler room which is keeping the ship afloat. How much loyalty or protection of national security will we get from an overseas maintenance center which has full access to our network and all sensitive portions of it? Little to none.

    Spread this all over the net.Send it to our politicians who are supposed to have Americas best interests at heart.

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    • Among the lies that Verizon management tries to hide is the fact that when internet customers need assistance, their calls are shunted off-shore to India. Representatives there try to match customers' complaints with scripted answers. They have little or no computer knowledge, bearly speak English and seldom come to satisfactory solutions.
      Verizon's network supports a number of important military and Emergency service functions through contracts with local and national government. Would you prefer to speak to someone in Bombay if you dial 911? Would you have our armforces served by off-shore technicians? If your answer is yes, you may be a Verizon senior exec.
      If your answer is no, please support the the CWA and IBEW Unions in their efforts to keep middle class jobs here in the USA.

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      • absolutely true and it used to just happen if you called after regular business hours but now I notice that you get India anytime of the day or night that you need assistance. I hope these union haters realize that they may have to move to India themselves in the near future if the unions that they despise fall.Keep getting the truth out there technician!

    • No. Verizons ultimate goal is to make money. The goal is the bottom line must be in excess of 10%, if they can't make it here they will transfer whatever needs be to make a profit.

    • bumpidty bump bump bump. The lying going on to the public, the employees including managment is outragous.

    • You think any Politician gives a ratz a$$????? Listen to this rant by Dylan Ratigan about the Banking Industry. Their most definitely is underhanded tactics to destroy the American Workers Unions. You can add that the refusal to enforce laws applying to illegal aliens can be a factor. Look what is happening in Arizona, Southern California, Los Angeles, NYC, Southern Florida, all over the Country. They allow them to migrate and settle anywhere. What is Congress thinking? Brewer, the Gov of Arizona is sueing the Federal Government now over laws on the books regarding illegals. Why is this happening? Cheap replacement workers. Get them acclimated, learn the ways of America and hire them on the cheap. This applies to everybody. Not just Union Members. The idiots bashing Unions are clueless if they think just because they aren't Union they will not be affected.

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