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  • kemosahbee01 kemosahbee01 Aug 17, 2011 10:46 PM Flag

    If Verizon is such a vile place to work...

    Then take your ungrateful, over-priviledged, overly-entitled selves someplace else! I am certain that you are EASILY replaceable! Wait...let me rephrase ARE replaceable! And soon enough, you will find that out for yourselves!

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    • If it were not for Verizon, half these blowhards would be putting down mulch and cutting lawns. This "greedy" corporation was the best thing that ever happened to them and they are too STUPID to recognize it. They claim to be fighting for the middle class. Take a minute and watch the youtube video where they drive past the VZ CEO's house. In the line of cars, driven by thugs in red shirts, is a new mustang, lexus, hummer, numerous harleys, convertible bmw, new jeep, etc etc etc. Not only that, but not many of these guys have missed a meal lately. They also think they have this broadbased support. In reality, they live in a bubble, conversing with like minded thugs and validating each others warped socialist world view. If they opened their eyes, they would see that most people are repulsed by them. Their antics have been disgusting and in reality, they will probably never recover from their misguided antics.

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      • Let's see, they don't want to pay ANYTHING for their benefits ($100/mo) yet the first thing they do every day is order a huge $10 breakfast, then another $10 lunch and a few snacks in between. If they work (I use that term VERY loosely) 22 days in a month, that's around $500/mo. Bring it down to a $5 breakfast (instead of having that extra tonnage on them) and there's your $100. I know that may be complicated to figure out since the union workers (yes, I know a contradiction in terms) spend more of their efforts on calculating how much more PAID FMLA time they have left and work that around when they retrogress off a disciplinary "step".

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