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  • lilmad88 lilmad88 Jun 16, 2012 5:56 PM Flag

    Verizon and the Unions

    I heard a rumor about possibly July 1, just a rumor I heard though, I have no knowledge of anything

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    • what on July 1st ? new contract imposed or strike or lockout ?
      VZ perhaps prefers unions to fire first so vz is a "victim"..
      but the reaction will be much different than last year...
      unions are on a cliff, especially after Wisconsin debacle.

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      • You are a moron. Without good union jobs this country will go down the tubes. It will be haves and have nots. Where will you be? Keep rooting for the union busters to win. When they do we will both be serfs on some billionaire's estate. If thats the future you want keep hoping. The middle class is the engine that drives the country. If you dont see that, you are either blind or stupid. No middle class means hundreds of thousand less wireless subscribers. And what will do to your VZ stock? Wake up.

      • great, another fictitious date. first it was by labor day, then dec 12 or something like that, first quarter, then def by memorial day, June 1 , then June 15, now its july 1st. Keep throwing dates out there and eventually someone will be right. Do you people honestly believe by breaking the union or gaining significant concessions, that somehow that saved money will end up in your hands as investors. If you look at the situation objectively, both sides realize they cannot win with a work stoppage or it would have happened already. We still have all our benefits from the old contract, so for the union to walk to get maybe 5% over three years doesn't make sense. And the company obviously has no problem paying for the benefits we have or they would have locked us out.

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