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  • payphone05 payphone05 Aug 25, 2012 8:58 AM Flag

    contract done

    friend call me from work today had a garage meeting was told by shop steward contract is done details coming out soon lots of givebacks paying for medical 10 sick days 60 mile radius 1 and half percent raise over the life of the contract this what i heard take it with a grain of salt all talk no confirmation

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    • Chip
      chill out pal, have a beer or something...
      me I'm prepared for months of strike IF the call is made!
      IF. are we all ready ???? this will be the LAST strike.

      and f lowell ! BIG TIME. you know what??? IF WE HAD THE GUTS WE'D LOCK HIM IN HIS OFFICE AND MAKE A STAND THERE WITH FOOD AND WATER (for us) and see how long he lasts!!!... got the balls for that ? been done before. this is f war man !

      More concerned what Hip implies with bandwith...(double meaning)

      seeya pal, got a shift 7-3 tomorrow

    • Rest of the company gets only 3 and I hardly know anyone who really uses sick days at all.

      I wonder how many sick days a typical union employee uses on average? If 10 is too low, why?

    • Hey Tom youse gotta have rocks in your empty head or sumpthin.
      You say fight for OUR jobs?
      kill OUR unity?
      W T F
      youse got a mouse in your pocket?
      are youse speaking french?
      I fizzle the unity of workers?
      wtf are you talking about?
      You have been asked several times about what is your stake in
      the cwa negotiations by several posters on this board and you ignore the question. I just cant figure out why someone would show up here and post nonstop,20 times a day pretending they know what they are talking about. Whats next, can you predict the sunset? You would probably get that wrong too.
      33 yr member cwa

      Bite me poser
      Eat a bullet! tss...tss...

    • conspiracy theory:

      VZ got bandwith only to settle w/ Union. This isnt the contract we need to worry about.

    • F lowell isn't enough for ya ? the guy is a job killer nothing else.
      doesn't even care about FIOS either (i don't get this guy....makes almost McAdams look like Santa!!)
      we can't say we should have NOT gone back to work so early last year ?
      major opp lost and we DO pay the price of it. we had the upper hand.

      you got the wrong animal to go after chip! (friendly piece of advise)
      don't need to be union (anymore) to fight for our jobs. it's guys like you
      that fizzle the unity of workers (union and non union). exactly what the company wants, kill our unity.

    • idont think that was directed towards me .. I said the Title was BS or the post was BS and ehhhhh why do i got to explain lol

    • Whad you do? Run away or sumpthin? Too many questions? Do you work for vz? Are you in a union? Do you wear pretty pink panties? Why always trying to portray yourself as a union member? Are you a field tech,cot,retired mgmt or what? Are you paid by mgmt scum to post your opinions here(the sky is falling)? 13 days without your crap has been nice. Now dont go away mad, just go away! tss...tss...

    • GAG ORDER and Blackout

      that is GO F urself


    • I heard they were real close but I didn't hear about the 10 sick days...10 sicks days is two weeks vacation imo.can't see that

    • Negotiations to continue Monday, so payphone, that is rumors.

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