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  • marketralley marketralley Sep 25, 2012 7:42 PM Flag

    Vote NO to the Contract. I just started reading the small print and it will cost us all working tech's allot

    of money. There is verbage about them being able to transfer calls out of state/country. They are going to cover 90% of medical after a 2,000$ + deductable which does not include your co pay or co insuance( ie...60, 90 ... a month). No pension band increase which alone will cost you 12% over the life of the contract. Remember, compounding money. Here is a quick example....If you make a 100 dollar raise this year, next year you make that 100 dollars and every year after you get the same 100 dollars plus the raise you get in those years. If you get one time bonus this year then next year you dont make the 100 dollars and the next year after that no 100 dollars. Get the picture. With not getting a pension band increase for 4 years we are losing over 12%. Dont forget inflation. That is going up like a skyrocket and we are getting the same amout of money. NOT GOOD. In fact if I had the time I could figure out the amount but it is more than 12%. More in the line of 15%+-.
    The 850 bonus will not cover a trip to the doctor or if your healthy a mini vacation esp after taxes.
    They are going to get rid of everybody hired after 2003, then hire back all the vcs techs and not have any job protection, pension liabilities and pay them 1/3 of what we get paid. If we pass this contract in 3 years they are going to take the rest of what we have left. Dont Vote Yes or we will all be sorry.,

    Please, if you are not a worker dont bother chimiing in. I dont care that you are an investor and you want to make a quick buck shorting or going long for two weeks around dividend time. We are almost 50,000 American workers that pay our fair share of taxes, pay for the Sick, Lame and Lazy people who abuse the system etc. I will just press ignore to your ignorant statements. I am not the reason you lost your job, and I am not the reason that you cant afford your phone/ video bill.

    Sentiment: Hold

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