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  • iamgarce iamgarce Nov 16, 2012 10:34 PM Flag


    just because i posted something not nice about unions ???

    just wait until you need some work done on your home and have to pay union scale ......
    unions have just become another tool for those in power to screw the little guy .. yes , anyone
    who is in a union is benefitting greatly ... OOOOPPPs ... not anyone who used to work at
    Hostess ...
    why don't you call up a few of those folks and ask'em how great the bakers' union is ?????

    it's time for everyone in the USA to GET REAL .. cut the crap and get to work ....

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    • Yea right it was the unions fault. #$%$ get educated #$%$ the unions gave give backs the contract before this one. What are they suppose to do work for nothing? Try looking at Ceo's and upper management. union gave concessions and the ceo's got large raises.

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      • how come the unions shut so many people out of good paying jobs ?

        as i mentioned before .. i worked for a non union company and there was a time when trouble was
        every where .. we went about 3 years with no raises and almost no promotions , they company
        was asking everyone to tighten their belts , which we did and then made up for lost time ....

        unions are anti business from the get go and they severely limit how many people can join ..

        are you choking on rising medical coverage ??? guess what .. though not a formal union , the
        AMA limits how many people can be admitted to med schools and limits the numbers of
        licensed pyhysicians and i know that you don't like the spiraling medical costs we have
        been experiencing for 20 or 30 years .. more doctors would mean lower rates that
        they charge(the drug side is another story ) ....

        again . unions have lost their way ... they were sorely needed over 100 years and they
        served terrifically .. but since WWII ... not so much ...

        why are your school taxes so high ???? teachers , in many areas , starting at 90k and rising
        from their , along with full medical benefits in retirement and plenty of quid in their
        pension checks .... all because of the teachers' union

        it's easy to tell from your quotes that you are dyed in the wool union person , and well you should
        be sure .. you've had a good career ... Donald Trump feels great about being wealthy and has
        no compassion for the chamber maids toiling in his hotels .. under the assumption that if
        they don't like that , they can do like him and be rich ... hah ...

        pure and simple , unions , while not the only cause , have had a heavy hand in skewing the
        redistribution of wealth ...

        i would not want to go back to the conditions of the mid 19th century with no recourse at all
        for labor and craft , but the current system is just another hand on the throat of our
        great country , choking it .... REFORM ... later .. garce

      • When was the last time congress or the senate took a pay cut. And the Prez is not a millionaire?
        Heck, when was the last time union officers took a pay cut? Perfect world, they would do it for free

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