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  • stupidassname2000 stupidassname2000 Dec 1, 2012 11:53 AM Flag


    lmao i'm sure the oppressive capitalist system will persevere ...twinkies will be made in china by someone making 30 bucks a month..that lives in the factory he works in..and pays rent to the factory ...the ceo cfo and all the higher ups get a nice raise on top of the millions they already make for "saving the company". A true success for the poor capitalists who know that true capitalism means more for the guys at the top...less for the guys at the bottom only screws up the country ..eventually...but who cares.. bring more to the top FACT ...ALMOST ALL THINGS MADE IN CHINA WILL BE CHEAPER ...MADE BY NON UNION PEOPLE WHO KNOW THEIR PLACE IN LIFE...LETS GET IT OVER WITH ..LIKE TRUE CAPITALISTS ..AMERICANS BETTER START LEARNING TO LIVE ON 30 BUCKS A MONTH OR LOSE THEIR JOBS TO THE CHINESE ...THIS IS CAPITALISM PEOPLE ..LETS COMPETE

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    • So who says you have to work in a Chinese Twinkee factory?!? It's a free world out there and you can make your own fortune-factory-future is you get out there and try. There's the stock market, real estate, Los Vegas, Lotto tickets,you can start your own Union, and be "very rich! '''and you can write popular books, invent a cure for cancer and a million other things if you're a true Capitalists and don't think like a Communist!

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