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  • cd_iso cd_iso Dec 9, 2012 11:58 PM Flag

    Sorry but this stock will go down, because of me....!

    Feed the... Sounds like a call center issue to me. Tell him to call the center and get a manager to call him back and work it out DTV has $5 / box per room, if he doesn't know that maybe they can work it out. what a mess. cd

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    • Beyond working anthing out, cd, I guess you didn't read the entire post.. It's on...... -38 today :-)

      Sentiment: Sell

      • 2 Replies to jahosephat_2000
      • No, I've read your rants ... Where you are stopping people @ the verizon wireless store, etc. Dude, get over it. You're the one that is going to lose. Trust me on this one. I asked you what to do. You go to a manager and get it sorted out. Your further discussions here are just going to end you up in court battles! TRUST ME ON THAT. Don't you think vz has already got your emails where you stopped these people from buying cell phones. You better WAKE UP, and pretty quick dude.

      • ... How can I say this to you in a nice way... good luck. By the way, who ports their cell phone number out anyway. I worked the ss7 network and that is almost unheard of. Why, if you have a cell phone would you port your number out. Where are you porting it to. See, some things just don't add up w/you, it sounds like you want all the bennies, however you don't want the payments. Either you are a dumb, stupid #$%$ or someone that wants to be one. That's the way I see it. Getting back to lawyers, they will eat you for lunch my friend if you keep it up. be forewarned

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