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  • iamgarce iamgarce Dec 27, 2012 11:59 AM Flag


    the boys and girls in DC must have been aware of this , hence , forget about making deals on the cliff ...

    once the UNION goes on strike , it will throw the economy into a serious recession , thus lifting the
    onus from Congress and the WH .. that will be to blame .. then once the thing gets resolved and
    the UNION folks get big raises , everything will then be more expensive , even other unions will
    have to pay more for nearly everything ....

    have unions become the real terrorists that threaten the existence of the US ??? hmmmm .. could be ...
    LOL ...

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    • Iamgarce, you are so brain dead, anti union, love the rich. What a jerk.

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      • you sir , are one of the fortunate few , who was able to get a union job ... very similar to the society
        deb who grows up to be a limosine liberal .... good for you .....
        i admire anyone who has made their own fortune and have near disdain for those who inherited theirs ..

        unions hurt more people than they help ... talk about institutions that need revamping and move into
        the 21st century ! .. the original model for unions was absolutely necessary a century ago , but
        as with intrepretations of the constitution .. somewhere we took the other fork in the road ....

        why are your school taxes so high ??? back in the 50's , a teacher made about $4000 , with no
        benefits .... yes , they were a very underappreciated , trodden group , who , by the way filled
        one of the MOST vital roles in our societies ... not so now .. there are districts that start
        teachers at $85000 + , full benefits and ex tremely generous retirement packages ....
        has the teachers' unions be great .. you bet they have , but just listen to the mulititudes , whose
        tax burdens are driving them to poverty .. they do not agree ...

        do you root for the teachers' union to collectively bargain for more of your hard earned dollars ????
        i doubt it ....

      • If the newspaper reports are to be believed about the salaries earned by clerks in the ILA on the west coast, not to mention fringe benefits, then unions do present a threat to the economy.
        Simply, they are way overpaid- way overpaid.

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