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  • catasstrofee catasstrofee Jan 13, 2013 6:16 PM Flag

    why is it when verizon comes to your house...

    Job closeout DOES take longer than it should, IMO, but I will tell you what takes ME a long time to leave the customer's premises. Verizon has instituted this mandatory process that seemingly takes forever...

    First, we must complete the BLACKBERRY GENIUS process. That is, we must open this BLACKBERRY GENIUS bookmark on our Blackberry phones, and follow a flowchart, that instructs us on HOW to troubleshoot the customer's malfunction. We are supposed to do this WHILE troubleshooting in-home, but truth be told, it is SO inefficient/inaccurate/insulting to most techs, that we usually do this IN THE TRUCK, after the problem has been fixed. The BLACKBERRY GENIUS often has us moving IN CIRCLES, rather than in a logically flowing process to a reliable solution (I personally would rather get the customer back up & running AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, than literally fight this website's often ridiculous recommendations on what to do to fix things). I am sure that my customers appreciate this as well.

    After that, we then must close out the dispatched ticket. In situations where there is poor cell service or slowdowns w/Verizon's in-house network (which happens more than I'd care to admit), this can take 10 minutes or more. Now keep in mind that if we are attempting to close out a TRIPLE PLAY, that means there are 3 jobs to close out...voice, data & video.

    After that, we MUST then call ahead to the NEXT customer. Sometimes, they are not reachable via the home phone, and then must try the cell phone too. We are to establish an ETA and inform them of possible charges for the truck roll. In cases where the next install are cancelled by the customer, we are then REQUIRED to make other calls to re-schedule appointments, or explain to management WHY we could not convince the customer that TODAY would be best to perform the work.

    You have NO IDEA how much time this requires.

    I've often wondered if VZ even cares that we may be sitting in the customer's driveway for FAR TOO LONG, between jobs. My conclusion is that they must not care, or they wouldn't require this process to the point of enforcing it via cross-checking the truck's GPS records AND the company cell phone records. Deviations from this process results in disciplinary action.

    There are many other instances where we are left sitting in the truck, often on the phone, trying to plan the next job, or waiting for dispatch to find us the next job. With a Bluetooth headset on, you cannot tell by looking out your living room window, that I am even ON THE PHONE.

    I don't like it any more than you do, believe me, but that's how it goes.

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