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  • jrinct May 1, 2013 3:19 PM Flag

    Whats with the big move down??


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    • just because ... LOL .. .but that's pretty much it .. check the 1 year chart and look at the last 3 months ...
      just about as straight up as you can get .. now consider that a lot of shares were bought under 30 bucks and
      a lot of concerns have more than a tidy profit .. VZ probably has no more than 20% more upside ... over the
      next 12-18 months and anyone who sees other opportunities sanity move some money around ... \
      i will admit , though , that today's action is pretty dramatic .. especially with the very large volume .. so i have
      to believe that that big money is rotating ... somewhere .. probably to whatever mfg concerns are making
      plans to bring production on shore ... 3 years down the road , you will some handsome gains from such
      companies and the time to get in is when things don't look to good for them ...

      also , many concerns have been fully or over invested and are now raising some cash to put to work elsewhere
      after things settle down ..
      PHARMA stocks have been getting hit hard also .. some maybe some concerns are preparing non div stocks
      various sectors to wake up 6 months down the road .. later .. garce

    • This stock is trading at a ridicules valuation, even with today's drop. Furthermore, it was move overbought than Apple was when it hit $700. This was taken up by Momentum Hedge Funds, the same ones that took Apple up to the now obvious bubble top. Now we have bubbles in the Staples and Telecoms. Look out below. You will lose many years of dividends buying here.

    • Just finished longest run I can recall. On this stock. 5 year high. This was long overdue. Just shows how solid. Vz is that it took this long.

    • The stock had a big run and a lot of share holders have big percentage gains and are just locking in profits after a nice run. Never hurts to make a profit. They say Pigs get slaughtered

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