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  • deena100us deena100us Jul 11, 2013 11:01 AM Flag

    How ridiculous is this?

    I just read the article that Verizon may have to pay Apple for billions of dollars due to the iphone shortfall. Verizon's own policies are killing them and the shareholders. I purchased 2 iphones with Verizon service 2 months ago. For the past month, I have been trying to add another line but have been unable to do so. Today, i found out that Verizon has a policy that you cannot add a new line for 6 months after creating a new account! I have excellent credit and have had residential service for the past 10 years with Verizon so they know my payment history. Regardless, Verizon cannot get out of its own way with these ridiculous policies. As a shareholder and a person "who just wants to purchase another iphone", this incompetency is ridiculous! No wonder Verizon has to pay billions to Apple.

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    • business as usual ... shouldn't hurt the bottom line , or only minimally ... the shine is off the apple .. i think that
      the worst is that VZ has to actually purchase a bunch of phones , they can still sell'em and recover some ...
      i don't see this as a show stopper ... g

    • I am thinking we may start seeing some deep discounted iPhones in verizons future to offset some of that.

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      • I'm sure that Apple made them agree to a HIGH sale price for the phones. The best way to get those phones out the door and making $$$ for VZ is to heavily discount them with a 2 yr (or longer) contract. Let Apple sue them for breach of contract. VZ will make it all up with service revenue & fees.

      • yes ... it looks like VZ had to guarantee the purchase of x number of phones ... they just haven't sold
        that many in a contracted time frame , so now they have to pay and take delivery on that quantity
        that didn't sell , they can always discount them and take only a small loss .. looks like they have
        legal obligation to pay up the subsidy before the phones are sold ... small drag and they may take
        the charge in a single quarter to get it behind them ....

        I'm still #$%$ at T for caving years ago and giving into Jobs' demands ... those subsidies cost
        both T and VZ a bundle ,,,, aapl now exposed for being nothing more than a gadget maker , and
        YES , in a rare instance ... a large , rich company whose posture was basically a single person ,
        who is now gone .. I won't be surprised to see that AAPL is on the RIMM type slope ....
        for them to break into other businesses will be very very tough and expensive and probably
        won't work ....
        don't forget the old adage about greed ... g

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