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  • globalizationimpact globalizationimpact Jul 15, 2013 10:17 PM Flag

    I. C. System - collection agency

    Sometime back I bought and activated one of those wifi devices from Verizon so I could get internet while visiting my mom. I only used it for a few months and then cancelled service around 2/11/2013. Fast forward, I get a letter from a collection agency stating I owe 0.00. Thinking this is a clerical error I call them and they inform me I owe $18.00. I told them I was going to get a pen to write some things down and when I get back to the phone they had hung up. So of course I'm thinking this is fraud. So I attempt to reach Verizon customer service and went through a series of diol 1,2, etc and end up being forwarded to collecting agency who tells me I owe $18.00.

    This is the first letter I've received and I'll be damned if I'm letting some cellphone company mess up my good credit score over $18.00 on a bill I never recieved. They gave me some lame excuse that when I cancelled there's some fee they charge for changing an account. All I did was cancel the service and they want $18.00. This wasn't some 1 or 2 year commitment contract.

    Has anyone else ran into this? Is this something that the FCC should know about. I don't feel I should just pay it to make it go away. Consumers have got to take a stand for big company CORRUPTION.

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    • I ran into a stinking $35 charge on a Macy's card that caused me some problems on my credit score, $35 freeking dollars. I had paid off everything, then this out of the blue charge for $35 that they said was over 8 month's due had been reported to the credit agencies, I was livid, They sent me a bill, I wrote a check for the $35, but they held it up from being cashed until after the due date, then I was told they reported it to the credit agency again. I finally went down to Macy's and I had it out with one of the managers. The $35 was settled, and they agreed to take the responsibility of undoing the damage to what was a stellar credit report. Do yourself a favour, life is way too short, just pay the $18, going forward you really have to stay on top of even the little things, cause a little charge like $18, and that couldbe recorded on your credit report that a collection agency had to go after you. You will wind up with much aggravation. On principal, I agree with you, but in reality, we are all nickeled and dimed. Make sure some one takes the responsibility to clean up what could be damage to your credit rating. FYI - I dont carry a Macy's card in my wallet now.

    • I believe somewhere hidden in the fine print you will find a re-stocking fee

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • this happen to me with verizon! what i did was took them to small claims &
      sue for $2,500.00 & won! but had to pay my bill witch was $125.00 that
      i did not owe. no longer with verizon with ATT no problems

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