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  • john_thomas_hunter john_thomas_hunter Sep 4, 2013 6:21 AM Flag

    And We All Thought AT&T Had Gotten Too Big For Its Britches Back In 1975....

    well, looks like history is repeating itself again...and again...and again.

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    • back in 1975 , AT&T was a very very snobbish company that viewed consumers as a necessary nuisance and
      catered only to enterprise customers ... that attitude seems to have survived ... VZ got it right and downstream
      the VOD deal will reap many benefits , while AT&T keeps playing catchup ..

    • AT&T had no competition in 1975. Verizon today has competition and the number of competitors is actually increasing. VOD is not competition to VZ since it does not provide telecommunication service in the U.S. Try doing a little research before making stupid comments, dude.

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      • I have MY experience in the world; you have YOURS - and you seem to believe that YOURS is superior while I would tend to categorize you as an arrogant ignoramus. The fine art of communication has NOT improved in the information age (MY observation.)

        Now let me critique YOUR little diss job: First it was pagers. Everybody had to have a pager. You were expected to make yourself available to whatever entity wanted to contact you, 24/7. Pagers were $7 per month. That has MORPHED, EVOLVED, blossomed(?), like some kind of toxic oil spill in the Gulf Of Mexico into where we stand now. Don't get me wrong; I LIKE hitting the net anytime I want. But make NO mistake about it; the energy requirements for this mutation to become global, and globally pervasive, is (or will soon be) demonstrably impossible, without totally wrecking the planet. MY opinion.

        In re AT&T: You DO know, of course, that AT&T is gone! You know, of course, that SBS Inc (Satelite Business Systems) BOUGHT the AT&T logo, and that it thereby manage to parade around in people's minds as some meme mimic or relic. You know, of course, that SBS was a PRIVATE venture of Bechtel Corporation, hq SF, 50 Beale St. and that at one point in the late 80's, there was a private partnership with SBS and Microsoft to provide a series of low-earth-orbit communications satellites to service the nascent mobile phone market (you remember, those 20 pound bricks you held next to you head?).

        Now, I DO NOT pay $80 per month for phone service; I consider those that do pay those exhorbitant monthly fees to be the largest class of idiots to ever exit the American educational system with any kind of certification.

        But then, I guess I just haven't been doing my research!

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