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  • guruofwallst guruofwallst Oct 4, 2013 12:23 PM Flag

    Is it a fact that Verizon has one of the lowest employee attrition rates of American companies?

    Yes it is. Also, Verizon has one of the best benefits packages in the industry. They give yearly bonuses to employees around 5% and match 401k contributions 83% up to 6% contributions. They are a very employee-oriented company. That's why few employees leave on their own and most end up retiring from Verizon.

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    • ROFLMAO!
      Thank Old Ray and Ivan for that.
      They cut the young forced out the old and left us with an inexperienced work force. We through out decades of trained people. All those two did was laugh all the way with their bonuses.

    • Either good benefits or they hired the lowest of the lows in America, folks who cannot get jobs anywhere else. So where would they go? There are always two ways to look at stupid data. The only facts that count (especially on a FINANCE board) is, " what is the stock doing?" Are those lowest attrition employees producing enough to move the stock?. Is the $130bil purchase of the 45% a good deal or not?. All this HR and political #$%$ on these boards is just that #$%$.

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    • zaztek Oct 11, 2013 1:53 PM Flag

      Let's put the facts on the table ,in 2007 up to this date the stock market received inaccurate data regarding the deployment of fios ,the number of completed jobs were not the actual percentage completed,the time reported which was was put on the budgetary line for old telephony in order to hide the lack of numbers to proceed to boost the daily numbers of production. Hardworking union and non union workers received numerous made up disciplinary action for time they worked to help secure the books in a favorable manner .. .. Place the facts on the table not speculation ,contact the Labor of New Jersey "Verizon " Has over 100 complaints... What is a fact is that "Verizon " Allowed employee's to be abuse by other employee's , file bogus reports, lie to unemployment and governmental agency and more. Know your facts not opinion the day of unions running this company was over along time ago ... , Everything I mention can be supported by paperwork so yes a 401k contribution would look good if your producing false information ..

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      • Funny you bring that up zaztek."the number of completed jobs were not the actual percentage completed,the time reported." You seem to forget the reason VZ put in place "5 jobs a day." That wasn't by accident imo. It was because some union folk would sit on their #$%$ reading the newspaper and get up in mgt's face saying they were protected. We heard about New York's antics all the way over here in the Midwest. What should a corporation do in that respect. Sit back and take it? As far as Neal, he sounds like a sell out panty waste. Oh, let's also not forget the last union walk out. Cables cut, numerous blockages whether it be your own vehicles or others trying to prevent contractors from coming in there. Unions are their own worst nightmare in today's economy. If you were running the business you would do the same exact thing. Ivan had the right approach and it has echoed through the industry today. Oh, and my parents bought their house with the dividends paid from this

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      • zaztek's just mad because he works at McDonald's and they cut his hours due to Obamacare lol!


    • Yes, it is true. Verizon offers great benefits to its employees. I have friends that have worked there since the 1980s. They said it's such a great company, they'd be fools to leave. I wish I worked there.

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