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  • engleberthbclow engleberthbclow Oct 4, 2013 4:21 PM Flag

    What in the HELL is going on?


    I can’t believe this is happening, there is a new research report just released on VZ that I am very anxious about. Underground Stock Alerts (google them) just released this today! This research group has a huge influence on the market, I’ve seen them move stocks 500 - 1500% in ONE DAY and also influence the market down as well. You guys get the report? Curious to hear your thoughts, not sure if I should sell or hold.

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    • keep believing that ...

    • How can you negociate with extorsinist who want to reverse the results of an elction? You allow this and any gruop of anarchists in congres from now on can hold the government hostage.You call that democracy?

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      • altomra1 Nov 13, 2013 11:24 AM Flag

        If you understand our history, you know that a big reason we have a REPUBLIC and that we have 3 equal branches of government is to prevent major changes by any administration. There is to be debate and compromise before anything is put into law. All people are to be represented. It is actually a good thing that each party is able to stop legislation. Now onto elections, ALL elections count. This administrastion had historic losses in the 2010 midterms. Think about this, the american people didn't want Obamacare so much that the people who voted in Ted Kennedy(the Liberal Lion) over and over voted a republican in to have the final vote to stop Obamacare. Did President say "elections matter, let's have a vote on the healthcare"? No, they "deemed it passed" and rammed in this legislation without a vote and without one single Republican voting for it. This means a large percentage of the population was not rperesented. You call that Democracy? Seriously? Just because a president get's elected, from either party, does not mean we are subject to live by their beliefs. We are free people, not subjects to this government.

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    • I simply don't look at short term charts as they will drive you nuts. Since I'm in for the long haul I look at the three year chart. Displayed over a three year chart Vz is an outstanding investment with a great dividend as well. Here is the key fact. In the last three years Vz has doubled in value.

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