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  • thinksamsont thinksamsont Oct 9, 2013 11:00 AM Flag


    don't get taken

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    • I must of really got taken, when I bought in the 32's
      Another idiot on ignore.


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      • That was a big move from 32 in 2010 or 201?. Don't make me laugh.Talk to me when Veizon does what MasterCard,Visa Aplle,Google,Netflix and Amazon have done on the last few years.Come back and talk to me when Verizon is 100 a share.if you new what you were talking about,their are more vultures and less long term investors buying this stock. Verizon was up 73c and it ended 15c today. Is that a stock? Meanwhile,back at the ranch AT&T WAS UP 86c and only dropped to 64c. Verizon is a much better stock than AT&T,but it's time for all the vultures to get out and stay out.Buy Verizon and hold it to $225. Just too many nervous nellies own VZ.

    • I have been saying that for years. Never gets a real spike and when it makes a nice gain,the gain is gone in minutes. It's great at following the Dow to the down side. What happened today when VZ was up 73 and could not hold it. It's at 36c right now,yet At&t is holding their gain at 84c. This stock has too many day traders and vultures. This is a stock that was over $100 back in 1998. After the 2 for 1 split it was in the 40's. It is still their,but the company manipulates in in mentioning between the years the stock has gone from 32 to 54. Nice try guys,but that is not going to work. Why do you think so many vultures and day traders are here. Their do not trust the log term plan of Verizon. You can put all the good news you want out there about Verizon,but in the end you need more buyers than sellers. This stock is a loser when you look at what some other companies have done in the last several. Hold your position,but don't expect anything other than a measly 10% capital gain and your dividend. Do not expect to buy your next house with your VZ shares.

    • the only ones manipulated are us by the idiots in WDC

      Sentiment: Hold

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