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  • Ronmyster Ronmyster Oct 31, 1999 10:36 PM Flag

    DOJ recommendation

    Can anyone tell me when the dept of justice will make its recommendation on bell atl bid for long distance in new york Thanks

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      • prescot7, What is going on with Joe Klein? Why
        couldn't he have communicated, in previous negotiations,
        what he expected. He certainly would have gotten
        anything he wanted. After all, over the last two years,
        Bell Atlantic has given all comers, from competitors
        to regulators, whatever they wanted. Why would Joe
        Klein have been treated any differently? What would
        have been the point in singling him out for rejection?
        Did Joe actually not know, prior to this point in
        time, that he also wanted even more access to the local

        If someone wanted to be sure to cause
        an-attention-getting delay, would there have been a better way to it?
        Is this the kind of thing someone does to get a
        badly needed lift? Maybe something else isn't going
        right, like with another big high profile case? Maybe
        there was a bit of a delay there or an unexpected
        compromise? Life can be annoying like that. Might someone be
        holding a deck of cards that the rest of us can't


    • DOJ is to comment on the merger today.
      Nov 8 all comments from all parties.
      fcc has 90 days from Sept 28 to approve by Dec 28.

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      • Can anyone tell me what is going on

        There have been many rumors out that ATHM was
        going to buy EVCI. ATHM and EVCI recently announced
        co-marketing agreement.

        Here is the
        thing, though. When EVCI announced co-marketing
        agreements with AT&T and Bell Atlantic, to co-market EVCI's
        high speed, interactive, video conferencing system,
        they made large
        announcements with lots of
        information. This is all that was to the ATHM

        YONKERS, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 22,
        1999--Educational Video
        Conferencing, Inc. (Nasdaq: EVCI; PCX:
        EVI; BSE: EVI) has entered into a
        agreement with Excite@Home to provide access to programs
        offered by EVCI's education providers over

        Excite@Home's high speed Internet network.

        I think
        there is more to this considering all of the other
        events that have been occuring with EVCI and the
        difference in the
        announcements of "all" of the other
        events compared to the "ATHM" announcement.

        Does anyone know more about this??????

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