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  • winholder winholder Nov 30, 2000 11:40 AM Flag

    Great News, NPNT Deal Nixed!

    I still want to know what happened to the $150M we already gave them?

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    • Winholder, I am just guessing based on prior experience. But I would expect that NTPT gave it back and Chuck and Ivan are splitting the money between themselves as a non-merger bonus.

      • 1 Reply to slinger_o_is_back
      • People, the entire tech stock sector is down
        45%+++ for the year. Dont be surprised, the Verizon deal
        and THOSE THUGS AT VERIZON new it before they entered
        with Northpoint 08/00 what they were going to do and
        not a better time when the market is supressed from
        the presidential BULL S_ _ _!! However, Suppose SBC
        put the measily 100-150 million or so up they would
        get $150million in cash which by the way without
        Northpoint cutting back which they are working on as we
        speak to trim excess fat off, SBC would own part of
        Verizon area. Verison wants Northpoint however VERIZON
        CRIMINAL INTENT was to cause Northpoint bankruptcy and
        then takeover their equipment and dsl technology
        within all the facilities, VERIZON THUG LOSERSSSSSS to
        say the least. The FCC and Courts will most likely
        give Northpoint the 800 million and maybe nothing owed
        to Verizon for violated and intentionally cancelling
        Northpoint Deal especially with malice and criminal intenet
        to say the least. Northpoint DSL showed improvement
        from previous months and no adverse negative
        conditions until VERIZON THUGS, GOD IS WATCHING YOU,
        wrongfully cancelled the deal, the entire market is
        adversely affected if VZ said NPNT was a week ago. Don't
        doubt it if Northpoint gets bought by SBC or Paul Allen
        of whom as 30 million or so++ in Northpoint at 26
        per share. It would be cheaper for them to take over
        Northpoint DSL then lose money invested a little support and
        Northpoint will be in the high single digits and teens, it
        is a start don't lose the faith keep it and keep
        your eyes peeled a Big suprise besides a judgement
        against Verizon is on it's way, wonver what Verizon loser
        investors will think when the above happens and Verizon
        POOR POOR DSL proivder goes to $21?? Time a coming buy
        buy buy Northpoint DSL this is unheard of and
        millionaires in the making, Northpoint the investors that have
        the vision to buy 10,000++ shares and the intelligent
        Large Company ie;, Paul Allen, Microsoft, AOL, SBC,
        Foreign over seas firm wanting to compete in Verizon'
        zone taking away much of their market share etc...HA
        HA HA!! Time is a coming, buy buy buy Northpoint is
        OK until end of 2001 without trimming the fat, not
        counting GOOD Surprise a coming'!

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