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  • rgurta rgurta Jun 17, 2008 10:10 AM Flag

    What is asking price

    on SDRL. Doesn't anyone care about it anymore. Everyone is at GO having a party. Barb

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    • Drake I know you are right but when it comes to animals like deer or goats, I do feel sorry for them. I wouldn't be a good farmer I know that. I would imagine you are a little older than our oldest son who will be 47. Five of them coming July 5th for a wk. Lots of things to do here incl Pensacola Navy museum which is outstanding. It has all the early airplanes and WWII history. Barb

    • see GO message board...But you're not getting the point about the way I fix cabrito. Don't feel sorry for the goats or cattle or anything us carnivors eat unless you're a "veggie tairian" but that's OK too. Just know you have to have some sort of animal part to get three essetntial amino acids stay alive that only animals manufacture for us.
      Look at it this way, if we didn't take them out of the herd, the herd would overgraze and tax both the forage and water available. When I see you face to face I'll tell about animals that are so thirsty, they jump into water tanks and drown themseleves because that's what animals in a drought situation do. Or a mountain lion or wolf or a bunch of coyotes can take them out. You decide which way is more or nature.
      Anyway, have a great weekend!

    • Drake, I'll go with the GO and SDRL spike but don't think I want to eat cabrito. I know that is bad since we eat everything else but I feel sorry for the goat. Sounds like you have a nice spread and I wouldn't want to leave it either. I agree on gas prices and think everyone is lying low until things get better. We will meet sometime I am sure. Did you win??? Barb

    • Hey Barb...sorry for not getting back sooner but Veags called and we rocked! Anyway, yeah I've got some cattle and a few quarter horses on about 600 acres up here. The taxes forced me to invest in the cattle and oh yeah, few goats. It's bar-b-que time here in Texas and cabrito is just what the doctor orders for those hot summer evenings. Along with a few brewskees.
      One day we'll meet in person, I feel sure of it and I predict when GO is 15 and SDRL is 50 will be the time for travel.(when they're paying $2 per quarter divi's and we can afford the gas..HA!
      Hope you're enjoying GO's rise these past few days. Say where 20M shares were bought in one day. Somebody, like maybe JF or friends of his, decided enough was enough. Wish I could get that divi when it comes around in Sept.
      TAH TAH

    • Drake and y'all, Frosty has uncle in Pan city can take you fishing. How about Oct. here on the gulf or we can go see Drake. Barb

    • Drake, we spent a lot of time on the lake listening to Willie, he was great. Went to a concert of his in Atlanta. The flics lite up when he sang GA on my mind. Sounds like you live in a beau area and are 725 m from us. Your ranch sounds great. Do you have any cattle or horses. We have 1.13 acres on E Bay w/pool & beau view, fish and dolphins. Katie our golden loves the water and smells like a fish afterwards. RVing this wkend with 20 couches from our group.
      Today SDRL is up +3% in Oslo. GO is zilch. HAGD Barb

    • Drake, years ago when Ron got new computer it was a Gateway. I thought that was a great idea they and Dell had and said lets invest some money. We didn't and look how much we lost. Same way for these JF companies in my opinion. We need to get in on the ground floor. My girlfriend also bought Msft when young and did fantastico. GO Go JF. Barb

    • Barb, you can go to set your preferences to english and dollars. on the left side go to the markets and tag oslo......use the nor symbol and then you will have your bid/ask from now on. save to favorites for future use. You may already have this information, if so, maybe someone else can use it.


    • Barb, don't worry, I for one still care a great deal about this company but the monies in the future. I think this message board will get real hot tomorrow when we're supposed to get our .60 divi. That's why everyone's over at GO cause many people got screwed on their divi's. Let's see what happens. Another reason is the divi and price of SDRL won't be on GO level until we start drilling in Brazil, then watch out. Also, JF's been working on deals like Pride or scorpion but nothing's broken to the good side as yet so nothing really to talk about. I know Hubber and SL and I are watching for any news on another "merger" so to speak but they have been really hush hush since the scorp deal is in private talks and their not realeasing any news about the results of it.
      The price has also been down where it is a buying opportunity in my opinion. I know you got it at the low to mid 30's, and after accumulation here, it will be back to 36-38 with just a couple of good news breaks. haven't had many yet. ie none..KOKO and MO

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