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  • tiger3599 tiger3599 Apr 14, 2011 5:54 PM Flag

    break below $30


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    • I do as well but I also want to be well informed re fundamentals and ranges of moves. That helps one make sure they don't stay to long at the party or what they bought at a low was low for a reason.

    • mewing,

      I'm simple-minded. I prefer to base my investment decisions on the principle of buy low and sell high.

    • thanks for the informative answer

    • I'm very satisfied with the private health care system in Brazil. The public system is not as good as the private one, but it is still much better than it is here (US).
      Most Brazilians would not sue for malpractice, you would be buried in the court system. -
      Both my wife and son have had rather serious surgeries in Brazil.
      With my health plan down there, I had a choice of hospitals.
      The private rooms they ended up with were in rather new, very up to date hospitals. Their rooms had full baths, sofa sleepers for family members or friends to stay over (very common there), Wi-Fi, and mini refrigerators. Both surgeries went well. Everything was covered - EVERYTHING.
      Dentists are even cheaper than doctors (Implant - $850, rootcanal w/gold crown - $400.
      Why do you think so many people the US go to Bz for plastic surgery - the price of the product makes it a great deal.
      by the way, I've had medical or dental procedures in Europe and Asia also - I paid with cash and the prices were 1/4 - 1/10 what I would eventually pay here if I paid in cash.
      It's too bad that most tea partiers haven't lived outside the US.
      On a +USA note - our public educational system is much better than theirs and our regressive taxes (on utilities, food, necessities) are much lower than theirs.

    • How is that possible? Are you satisfied with the health care ? Do they have restrictions on medical litigation. Thanks

    • and long-term capital gains aren't taxed (at least up to $68,000/year). I doubt that the poor have much in the way of LTCGains.
      Some guy produces something as part of his job and has to pay taxes on what he earned producing.
      Some other guy invests in a stock (takes a gamble), actually produces nothing, and gains are not taxed.

      By the way, in Brazil, I pay $130/month for complete medical coverage w/no deductible or co-pay and a private room in the hospital.
      Here I pay $115/month for Medicare and pay 20% of the cost myself.
      So which of these is a good deal?
      In Brazil, I also pay $156/month for the same coverage for both my much younger wife and my much much younger son.

    • If were going to opine on this sub. Everyone wants a tax increase and cuts in the budget. As long as it doesn't affect them personally!!!

    • VERY POSSIBLE , In next few months. see if Osama ;opps;OBAMA *&^%$#&* goes along with Cuts in budget. US really needs to cut all this welfare and welfare support for ILLEGALS.

      Hold little now sold off most. see what happens in late May

    • I posted this awhile ago as I suggested it would go to 33 ish. It did and today and broke a pattern using pnf. Yet the problem it faces is that it's high pole in it's RS and needs to give up a bit. To do so a 31.40 ish is requred and once that happens then it should slide more as they empty the galss due to profit taking from those who hold lower.

      That supports 28.

      SO to answer your question. YES.

      Disclosure. Position none but wanted to give the update from previous posts.

    • No, it will not.

36.69-0.68(-1.82%)Aug 22 4:01 PMEDT

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