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  • gj0084 gj0084 Nov 13, 2012 10:58 AM Flag

    Thanks Obama voters!!!

    Thank you for rejecting the deficit exploding ideas from Romney and Ryan. They had time to spell out tax cuts; to the tune of $5 trillion over the next 10 years! Wow! They also wanted an additional $2 trillion in new military spending, that the military didn't ask for.

    But they said their proposals would be revenue neutral. OK, great!

    - A. that does nothing to reduce the current deficit which is mostly attributable to Bush era policies (
    - B. that doesn't seem to really do anything. $100 in tax cut followed by losing $100 in deductions amounts to a big fat zero.
    - C. they never spelled out what those lost deductions would be. Can anybody tell me if I will lose my home mortgage deduction? Will my employer lose their deductions for providing me insurance benefits? Answer: you can't answer those questions because Romney/Ryan never answered those questions.
    - D. George W. Bush proposed the same thing when he was running in 2000. He spelled out tax cuts (which he got) but never specified the deductions he would wipe out, and nothing got wiped out. Thus a budget surplus turned into record deficits (which I noticed the current tea party ignored until 2009).

    OK, bladewoman, and all the other right wing ignorant #$%$. Let lose your insults and lies (Obama hates business, he's a socialist, etc). You won't be specific. I already know that. But how about this statement: "Where's Reagan when we need him?".

    Pssst. Reagan raised taxes 11 times during his 2 terms. He raised capital gains taxes from 20% to 28% and Obama only wants to raise them from 15% to 20%. Seems Reagan hates business investment more than Obama does. The nation's total debt quadrupled by the time Reagan left office. I know. I know. It's all the Democrats fault even though Reagan signed much of that spending into law.

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    • You jackass. Obama has amassed a debt greater than ALL the presidents combined. And ALL his so called 'stimulus' money did nothing for the country - he only paid off his union buddies - it all went to union employees and political cronies - none to free business enterprise. He invested in one bankrupt idea after another ( ever hear of Solyndra - jerk). Obama wants an unlimited rise to the debt ceiling ! INcreased revenue that he can wastefully spend. He is not proposing one single cut to reign in ramped Gov spending. He is addicted to spend spend spend - - buy votes and amass more power. He is a extreme and dangerous socialist - probably even a marxist. He will ruin this country. Check your 401 k savings if you have any - the Dow is less than it was 4 years ago when he took office.The democratic party is chock full of moochers, and has become a curse on this country. Am sick and tired of you idealistic dreamers that live in some La LA land. Your like Nero - fiddling away our rights while the country turns into a Greece . You just make me sick.

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      • mychkael Dec 5, 2012 9:39 PM Flag

        Couldn't have said it better myself. Obama fans are clueless....just like him about what he is doing. Bankrupting the country right before our eyes and they deny it is happening.

        Have you ever seen such denial in your life? Folks....mooching, denial, ignorance and stupidity are not working investment strategies. Wake up....then grow up!!!

    • kidshelleen51 Nov 20, 2012 7:47 AM Flag

      Your are a bloviating idiot. Reagan had a Dem Congress and if you know anything about govt you'd know that Congress approves budgets, presidents only propose them. every Reagan budget was rejected by the Dems until billions more were added. The Reagans era Dems promised cuts in govt spending but then renigged. But at least people had jobs under Reagan. Most of the Bush financial problems came from Barney Frank's wet dream that everyone should have a house whether they could afford one or not. Most deregulation came under Clinton, leading to the houseing and financial mess that Dems try to blame on Bush. Obama came into a mess but has done nothing to improve it and in fact has only made it worse. Obama voters are the most ignorant class of people the American public has ever produced and it's why 4 years from now we'll be even worse off then we are now.

    • Do you know the top marginal fed income tax rate was under Eisenhower in the 1950's? 91%! While thats way too high, the point is that when the country needed to repay its massive federal debt after WWII (much higher than currently based on % of GDP) the GOP did the right thing. IKE also believed in fed intervention in the economy: he invested enormous amounts in building the Interstate Highway System which laid the groundwork for economic success for the next 50 years. When the right syas the government never created any jobs, they demonstrate an appalling ignorance of our history. Its very unfortunate that the GOP has degenerated into a far right lunatic fringe that doesn't really care about investing in America or the long term interests of this country. Either they move back to the center or they are going the way of the Whigs!

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    • Wow. I'm amazed at how the right has turned into an even more rabid, foaming at the mouth, bunch of crazy ignorant, ignore reality types. I didn't think it could get even crazier, but it has.

      Jesus H. Christ people! Chill out....

    • I think your confused. This is not the CNBC post board.