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  • douglassgraem douglassgraem Apr 10, 2013 10:26 AM Flag

    SDRL needs more polish

    As all can see from my previous post = SDRL in the $50=$60 range, I'm bullish on stock BUT with one reservation: SDRL needs to smarten up its earnings reporting, dividend policy + PR protocol = This is the more imperative as SDRL is "complicated", an adjective not liked by many investors. Thus, SDRL, a premier HIGH TECH GROWTH STOCK, appears to be some 50% undervalued, hopefully not permanently! Thankfully, never too later to smarten up. Chairman JF has shown no hesitation in the past when opportunities arose to "smarten up", like jettisoning the tender rigs. Will he show the same genius to put more polish on its image + bring about the necessary changes?

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    • That argument of course is as old as the barter system and precede these markets (perhaps with less sophistication) by millennia.

      "No one sees what I do Maybel cuz I got 20-20 vision while the resta the world is tappin down the driveway with a white cane and their head in a sack."

      Thing of it is, these markets have a whole lot less to do with balance sheets management strategies business models tangible assets and prospects of profitability than the more important matter of public perception sparked by the inevitable driving force of human greed. Which is why we'd all be just as eagerly buying up tulip bulbs, left handed monkey wrenches, unicorn ranches and bookings for snipe hunt safaris (and gulling ourselves with reasons for doing so) right now if we were really convinced we could peddle em later to someone willing to pay a higher price than we did for our ticket to the magic show.

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