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  • rogerjames55346 rogerjames55346 Aug 15, 2009 11:05 PM Flag

    Charles "Chaz" Gasparino, WHERE ARE YOU?????

    Get a life Toby, Schwab skulked quietly into the credit market to raise 750 million a couple of months back. The CFO spun it as "funding growth". The real story is Schwab's CFO took a dump-in-pants over the $709 million Alt-A fiasco, stacked up against a 6.5 Billion timebomb over at Schwab Bank. I also criticize Sheila Bair's gang at the FDIC for failing to monitor Schwab Bank's rosy forecasts of their losses. Hey Sheila, stop hiding in your office and take a look at Schwab Bank's loan loss provisions will you? Just because Mother Schwab corporation owns Schwab Bank doesn't mean that the FDIC is off-the-hook if Schwab walks away from Schwab Bank. After all, Chuck has a tendency to walk away from his responsiblities. Ask Cuomo in New York about Schwab and how he stuck his tail between his proverbial legs and ran from investors who were sold a bill of mortgage-backed goods? It's a corporation that never takes responsiblity for any of it's misdeeds.

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    • Puppet boy, why would Schwab walk away from their bank. It is profitable and makes money you dumbass. Your puppets have been screaming about hidden bank losses for almost a year now. Guess what? They only exist in your pea sized brain, in real life Schwab bank has very little bad loan exposure. Why don't you go bash ETFC? They have to add hundreds of millions in loan losses every quarter because of their subprime heloc loans. Loans of the type that are not a part of Schwab's books, since Schwab never did any subprime lending. Now take your little puppet medicine and run along sonny.

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