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  • sal.monila sal.monila Jun 30, 2010 12:24 PM Flag

    TA sez Bear Market

    Almost 10 years ago I posted on this board a "secular bear market" alert and that gold was going to be the place to be for this decade.

    With the stock market down for the decade, and gold making new all time highs, I would say that call was spectacularly good.

    Based on TA it looks like the stock market is now headed into another "bear phase" to this secular bear. My target for the Dow is around 7,000, either late this year or early next.

    TA states that when the 200 day MA is violated to the downside, the market has started a cyclical bear. The 200 day MA (now around 10,400 for the DOW) was violated months ago, the expected attempt to get back over it has now failed, confirming future downside, and it is time to get out of the market with all possible speed.

    AVOID THE RUSH! RUN to the exits! DO NOT WALK!^DJI&t=5y&l=on&z=l&q=l&p=m200&a=&c=

    Best case is that the Dow only breaks 9,000 on the downside before another leg up. I expect it to go down into the 7's and likely break 7. Worst case is the Dow drops below 5,000.

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    • I think 2008 was after the talk board conversion. Try finding a post from 10 years ago. Whatever posts didn't get killed in the conversion, more then likely won't get picked up by the crappy search engine used by the "new and improved" talk board software which sucks "Godzilla balls".

    • So what happened to the 3 posts I bashed you with over the past few months

      You know the ones headed

      Hey SCHit for Brains

      Hey SChit for Brains 2

      Hey Schit for Brains 3

      I can't seem to find them. I wonder who got them deleted. Who is that mysterious SCHit for Brains loser who took objection.


    • Don't forget about your famous Schwab about to go bankrupt prediction along with your $50,000 an ounce gold one. LOL ROTFLMAO LOL

      Sal, were the Doctor's in the mental institution ever able to get rid of that big L you had carved into your forehead?

      • 1 Reply to changewaveinsting1
      • A big L on my forehead? For what?

        Predicting that SCHWill will perform like SCHit for this decade?

        Predicting that the stock market will be in a secular bear this decade, and likely a good part of the next one as well?

        Predicting that gold will be the place to be for this decade,and likely a good part of the next one as well?

        How about telling you to sell out a couple of months ago around 18?

        I do admit to one mistake though. I've been saying that you could have sold out 3 points higher if you took my advise of a few months ago. Turns out you would have sold out 4 points higher instead of 3.

        For some strange reason SCHit keeps dropping.

        See! I admit my mistakes!


    • Is changing your ID supposed to impress me?

      Like I said YOU know you're lying and I know you're lying. Trotting out another of your handpuppets won't change that.

      IF you want to continue the game why don't you trot out your sol monila hand puppet next. I notice it was used last month.

      BTW: Why no response to the fact that I told you to sell out a couple of months ago around 18.


    • Why don't you post a link to that bold prediction you made 10 years ago? I'd love to see it given that your posts only go back to August of 2009.

      Where do these metal freak stock market bashers come from? Iran or North Korea?

    • Pretty pathetic when Yahoo can't paste a working Yahoo link to a Yahoo message about a Yahoo chart.

      Readers should be able to get a Technical Analysis Chart DOW chart, and click on 200. If not your money should be in the bank and not the stock market.

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