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  • vernb316 vernb316 Jan 4, 2013 10:02 PM Flag

    Yep, still here 2013.

    dblank, ooops, and the crew of multiple-ID-single-persona slammers are still filling this board to manipulate the stock price. Go on ahead boy-boys-girl-girls. Those bars (vertical, made from iron ore mined somewhere) you talk about may await you.

    We are still here. Time - not you - will tell.

    Newcomers to this board - beware the bashers. Grain-of-salt is the best way to read the rants.

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    • I know you are still here, Ron! What is another few hundred touts and lies for 2013?
      This "grain of salt" is dead set on putting you in the hoosegow! Reread your postings of the last few years! Sure you want to be "here in 2013"? Bring it on RA, or JB! It's going to get nasty!
      I HATE FRAUDS. If I lose here, my own counsel won't lose in another place! Weeks are ticking until the next financials!! Lol!

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      • gmoney_70 Jan 14, 2013 9:58 AM Flag

        Who is Ron? I've been to the website, read the news, but don't know who Ron is. Apparently from your words not a fan of yours. Shed some light, I'm relatively new to this stock and board but would like to know as much as possible. No interest other than curiosity and general knowledge. You have mentioned him several times, but I don't see him in any corporate articles.
        Still trying to figure who the players are, the good, and the bad.

      • While I have lost, you have made money! I won't be going away!
        Happy 2013! For you others, who think I may be on a vendetta, rest assured I am. I know what these inside touts have made while I have suffered in the wallet! Notice how he arrogantly proclaims he is "still here"? Watch us folks! I will even get widespread coverage on this website feud!!!!

        Sentiment: Strong Sell