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  • valubyer valubyer Oct 5, 2009 6:58 PM Flag


    I just want to say thank-you very sincerely.

    Your informative posts got me to expand from ETM into CMLS, ROIAK, and RGCI.

    I had my best day in a couple years today.

    I made two very small sells of CMLS and ROIAK. I still have about 90% of the shares I had at the beginning of the day.

    I do believe in taking profits, even when I believe in a stock. You never know. We might have the chance to buy CMLS at $1.80 tomorrow. If it drops, I will buy more.

    If any of these stocks has another big run tomorrow, I prob. sell a few more shares, say 10% or so of my remaining investment.

    Good luck all.


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    • >>I had my best day in a couple years today.

      So did I. My portfolio value was up a full 10% on Monday....and I am now up over 7x (you read that right) from my March 9th bottom (although, in fairness, I was down by 65% from my May 2007 top on March 9th).

      I've very happy for you...and very happy for myself...and very happy for anyone else that saw the value in most radio stocks, from last fall, through early spring (before they really started moving).

      I believe CMLS has still not moved as much as it should. I think we'll see $3.00-3.50, after (or before) the Q3 earnings release.

      I have sold only 10% or so of my CMLS....but have sold about 50% of my ROIAK, because I think it was short-term overbought at $1.50-1.65. (I hope to increase my position in ROIAK at prices closer to $1.00....if it gets that low.)

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      • After having read all the other "thank you's," I just want to say that it has been an absolute 100%, unmitigated BLAST.

        I hate to say it, but we should "wish" for market declines like we saw last fall every 10 years or so. Not that I "like" to see the pain in the economy or people hurting. But the MONUMENTALLY ABSURD sell-offs in certain sectors (like radio and select newspaper stocks) are, I'm convinced, the BEST opportunity I will probably see in the remainder of my LIFETIME (and I'm only 41)!

        The window is slowly closing, as the market does its INEVITABLE adjustment, value is "found out" and "determined"....nearly as RUTHLESSLY as it was irrationally thrown out the window (but fortunately for us, the upward adjustment takes longer than the downward "crash"...which spells OPPORTUNITY). So, incredibly, there are still some pretty spectacular bargains out there that haven't moved too terribly much. I hate to mention them at this point, as I expect to be buying them, as I continue to generate liquidity from things that have been going up that I am selling. But for those that are willing to work at it, one only needs to hunt around for some of my old posts.

        One "larger" cap that I am willing to disclose, that i have a large enough position in now, that I think is going to $8-10 before year end, and probably sooner, is Furniture Brands (FBN). I also happen to believe it is a buyout candidate. (Best brand names in the furniture industry, IMHO....and a more typical historical trading range of $20-25!) Broyhill, Drexel Heritage, Lane, Thomasville, etc. Selling at 2/3 of book, debt/equity of only 1/3....and current assets at a SUBSTANTIAL multiple of current liabilities. The company has all the wherewithal in the world to make it through (what's left of) the recession.

        Frankly, I believe FBN should have rallied like LZB has, and should be selling at more like $10, right now, versus $5.

        There are others, of course, but many are just too "nano cap" to be discussing at this point.

    • longtime: ditto ditto ditto

      I wish I could buy you a beer or something.

      And thanks to Yahoo message boards for making postings from longtime available. This is investing at it's finest.

    • me too..
      I never would have heard of this stock, let alone buy it at $1.50, if I didn't read longtime's posts.

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