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  • augidog8407 augidog8407 Jan 22, 2013 11:02 AM Flag

    Prediction: Volume Spike @ 2.9/3.0

    Sorry this guy is a doosher! Him using Faith Hill as an example of MAINSTREAM for country with her on Mon. Night Footbal....UM HELLO, Doosher, she took Hank Williams spot after he made Inappropriate comments and lost the job, so YES the Backfilled the spot with the same Genre and someone people want to see. Mon. Night Football has been using the country genre for 20yrs! Now, that being country becoming MAINSTREAM yes, and it's because of 2 people, Carrie Underwood (thanks Simon and Amer. Idol) and Taylor Swift, those two are single handily making country crossover to the pop-culture world. Now because of that country seeing themselves fall behind over the last 8yrs, have created ways to get out there (like 5 music awards..really? They need 5?) So, the struggle in country music has been going on for 10+yrs, now over the last 5 that industry is coming on strong due to many reasons but NOT this company! Sorry to say mr Doosher CEO! PS...your fundementals are still NOT GOOD! So...keep fighting and might get there

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    • Hey Dummy..Faith Hill is Sunday Night Football not Monday

      Monday Night Football featured the Rolling Stones and now Charlie Daniels

    • You totally misunderstood what he said

      Monday night Football could have easily picked PINK or another rocker but stayed with Country

      BTW dont forget Keith Urban and Reba who has a new show

      • 1 Reply to wall_st_knight_mare
      • I get what he said. MNF would have never picked PINK or any other POP musician! Sports like NASCAR and FOOTBALL have fans who are mostly made up of rednecks and/or blue collar slobs! Redneck and bluecollar slobs favor country and/or classic rock, and because MNF caters to MEN, keeping it country with a STAR who looks hot covered in mud or whatever, made sense to keep it country and signed F.Hill. This guy is trying claim the fame of what was a struggling genre....or maybe i am wrong which is why this company has 2.6Bill in Debt? Did they sell the Sun to get country put back on the map? Either way, paying that off will probably never happen. As for Keith Urban, he's washed up in my book, but Amer. Idol i suppose did need a country judge seeing how (the poor) 99%'ers (i.e. Americans) voted on country bumpkins to win Idol a few times. Why not put a struggling country musician in a judges seat. That show needed change, but I don't think it's going to help much the show is on the decline, as I type. As for Reba, she crossed over to T.V. 10+years ago, got cancelled and now back in the limelight (which isn't good and will get cancelled) Don't get me wrong country is back is a major musical genre, and maybe this company had something (not everything) but something to do with it, but he shouldn't be taking all the credit for the comeback. As a radio company this is a very loooong term play. Good luck if you're long, and have fun listening to what the music industry (i.e. Radio) only wants you to hear.

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