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  • iconhater iconhater May 24, 1999 7:21 PM Flag

    IPO FIRST WORDS: Candice Carpenter

    and is the one. IVIL is as poorly run a
    company as there is. Carpenter is so stupid I can't
    believe she is the CEO of even a hotdog stand.
    and Hearst will prove to be too powerful for IVIL.
    The advertising in Hearst's magazines and TV stations
    will build this company into a leading portal on the
    Internet. IVIL can make all the meaningless (FORD)
    announcements they want to try and show some activity. The
    management team is the problem and all they will do is spend
    everyone's money until it's all gone. will be
    public soon so those of you that are all losing your ass
    here can make it back there.