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  • profit_2_day profit_2_day Jun 17, 1999 4:16 PM Flag

    Why is this stock up?

    Just wondering - was looking at its revenue and losses. Also, the future dosent look so hot. Why up? thanks

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      Reuters News: June 23, 1999 9:43PM


      immediately, Candice Carpenter, CEO and executive officer for announced a 2 for 1 stock split to make its
      equity more affordable for additional morons to be taken
      by the ongoing internet craze.

      Also, will change its name to to better
      reflect its stature as a non-profit

      *This article contains forward looking statements for
      local IVILLAGEIDIOTS.COM and in no way shape or form is
      to be construed as any other information but to
      short this bloated pig some more.

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    • should quit wasting time posting here and go cover before it is too late.

    • <EOM>

    • because its been killed last 3 weeks.going where it belongs.alot of big companys own ivil. i think they know something

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      • After checking into Ivil's stock price history
        (and what drove it up early on), it apears that the
        stock's price was driven up by small
        investors/speculators, as well as momentum traders, not institutional
        buying. Some companys may own this stock, but in
        extremely low quantities. Its far to risky of a venture to
        commit large $$ at this point (from an institutional
        buying perspective). I'm not convinced that Ivil will
        make it, and here's why (from a purely financial and
        marketing perspective). First off, its losing money three
        times faster than its making it. You may counter with
        "more women are going to use the net in the future, so
        Ivillage will attract more interest". Not so fast, my
        friend. An increase in e-commerce activity, or in ANY
        market segment, also attracts more competitors - at
        hyper speed. In other words, Ivillage will never have
        it as easy as it has it today, from a marketing and
        dollars & cents point of view. Ivillage's revenue growth
        is not that strong (its not approaching
        profitability fast enough), and future gains will be that much
        tougher given the increase in competition thats bound to
        come and accelerate in numbers. Being first to market
        is great, but only if you can establish yourself as
        the market leader and KEEP your customer base
        (attracting enough customers to make a profit dosent hurt,
        either). I'm not seeing this pattern with Ivil - its just
        not happening. Women, by nature, are more interested
        in "whats new" than in what happened yesterday.
        IVillage will be old news in 6 months (literally), and the
        mulitiude of NEW competitors will be far more focused with
        their approach with the female market after learning
        from the mistakes of upstarts like Ivil. I see Ivil
        much in the same light as the fashion industry - whats
        hot today will be cold as ice in 6 months. As for
        Ivillage, again, the stats don't support the valuation for
        this company, or the optimism that some feel for Ivil.
        The number of hits coming to this site are not
        growing by leaps and bounds, and its losing money hand
        over fist. Its targeted female audience will be drawn
        to more focused competitors down the road, and Ivil
        will continue to struggle with growing its revenue
        fast enough to eventually snuff out its losses. Its
        simply going to be/remain another small fish in a
        growing pond of choices. Just my point of view, but I
        don't see this stock ever catching up with the
        speculative market valuation thats currently tied to this

    • IVIL shows strength today. Think it has something
      to do with new report that women become more of
      driving force of net shopping,... (Newsweek). Looks like
      IVIL has been beaten down badly out of no reason,
      except for negative earning; and in the meantime, it
      seems to have been doing all the right strategic moves
      to solidify and expand over the last several months;
      so IMHO it has huge upward potential.
      IVIL now is like sitting on a time bomb, IMHO.

    • go ivil!!! shorter going to loss there home !!!!lol !!!

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      • from here. Overall mkt condition is still
        bearish. Lack of real buyers or investors out there will
        cause this stock to go back 30's where it belongs. The
        only buyers here are covering including myself made
        tons on IVIl shorts & we have a big stomach to wait it
        out or average up. The main pt here is this co.
        doesn't deserve hi valuation like yhoo lcos etc. get it.
        For u longs out there learn how to take profit & move
        on. U can trust someone like me who made 285k
        profolio in 2 yrs & just think me later for the advise.