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  • octaviomolina octaviomolina Jul 7, 1999 7:22 PM Flag

    IVIL to break 80+ tomorrow....

    IVIL is the big boy/girl in the women's retail business on the internet. Its just a matter of time before IVIL gets upgraded to a strong buy.

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    • just spend 5 mins looking at the fundamentals.
      This is going to fall like a rock. 4B valuation, 26mil
      in rev, losing money like a startup but 9 yrs old.
      Daytraders are going to see this one soon and destroy it to
      a more reasonable valuation, 15$ per share, and
      that's generous. Insiders are lining up to sell at this
      elevated price, can't sell yet but will soon, so get in

    • Check this out people...
      the next ivil for 1.00...
      won't last long...

    • A friend of mine has the inside scoop on this
      stock and he says that will go down to 30 pretty soon.
      Now, I'm not saying that this is going to
      know the whole buyer beware thing...but this guy has
      been right in the past. So, you should consider this
      and the future of you and your kids.

    • get a life this baby is going down!!!

    • maybe this can help in your

      Wednesday June 30, 10:50 am Eastern
      Time Networks to offer 3.75 mln IPO
      WASHINGTON, June 30 (Reuters) - Networks, the
      female-targeted online network that includes discussions on
      career, family and health, said Wednesday it planned to
      offer 3.75 million common shares in an initial public

      The company, based in San Mateo, Calif., expected the
      shares to be priced between $10-12 per share and trade
      on Nasdaq under the symbol (Nasdaq:WOMN -
      news).'s network, comprised of more than 90,000 pages of
      content, last month attracted more than 4.2 million
      visitors, ranking the company among the top 40 Internet
      sites as measured by reach,, citing industry
      figures, said.

      It also has over 30 online
      distribution relationships with Internet companies like
      America Online Inc. (NYSE:AOL - news), Microsoft Corp.
      (Nasdaq:MSFT - news) and Yahoo! Inc. (Nasdaq:YHOO - news), the
      company said in a filing with the Securities and Exchange
      Commission that contained details of the initial public

      If there is heavy demand for the 3.75 million
      shares, the the underwriters -- Morgan Stanley, Deutsche
      Banc Alex. Brown and Salomon Smith Barney -- have an
      option to buy 562,500 more shares.

      The company
      will use the estimated $37.2 million in net proceeds
      to fund continued growth and business expansion, to
      build its brand online and offline, and for potential
      acquisitions and other general corporate purposes, including
      working capital.

      Torstar Corp. (Toronto:TSB.TO -
      news), the publishing company whose operations include
      Canada's largest daily newspaper, the Toronto Star, may
      buy up to 1.25 million shares in a direct public
      offering from Networks, the filing

      In addition, Hearst Corp., another publisher, has
      agreed to buy an estimated 2.1 million shares in a
      private placement.

      Formed in October 1992 as Wire
      Networks Inc., Networks derives its revenues
      from three areas -- advertising, web site production
      and e-commerce. Advertisers in the first quarter of
      1999 included International Business Machines Corp.
      (NYSE:IBM - news), Sears Roebuck (NYSE:S - news) and Jenny
      Craig Inc. (NYSE:JC - news).

      Net revenues
      increased to $3.4 million in the first quarter of 1999 from
      $1.1 million in the same quarter in 1998, primarily
      due to advertising revenues, the company

      Last year, net revenues reached $7.2 million, up from
      $2.8 million in 1997.

      But the company has
      incurred significant net losses and negative cash flows
      from operations since its inception, and as of March
      31, 1999, posted an accumulated deficit of $39.1
      million, the SEC filing said.

      After the IPO, Hearst
      will own 49.9 percent of Networks, giving it
      effective control over all stockholder actions, including
      electing directors

    • I am trying to do some due diligence on this, IVIL and WOW factor (Women on the Web). What are
      the differences between the business models? WOW
      factor is supposed to be focused on Women Entrepreneurs.
      But it is not a pure play, because they are wholly
      owned by a diversified ISP called Frontline
      Communications (FCCN).

      Any help here? and

      crowding into a crowded field?

      Thanks in advance
      for any feedback.

    • When debuts in 2 weeks, watch.

    • ALERT!: NTBK take-over Rumors

      Rumors are
      swirling around that AMTD will announce
      takeover/partnership with NetBank(NTBK).

      AMTD has been under
      pressure to partner with an online bank
      since the
      E-Trade(egrp) and Telebanc(tbfc) merger last month.



    • IVIL makes as much sense as any other internet
      stock as far as I am concerned--but that doesn't mean
      they won't make it. At a recent conference I did my
      own survey. All the women there knew that IVIL was a
      "site dedicated to women". Some had visited, the rest
      said they planned to use it. In this game it is
      setting yourself up as the NAME of choice--why else
      Amazon? That is why IVIL will acquire Women First and
      X-ers! and any other site that they can grab that to
      cement their position in the mind of women. Agree they
      have limited time, so look for some big announcements
      in next few weeks.

    • moronic message...
      Here are the

      1) The April to May Media Metrix report shows an
      actual DECLINE in IVIL's number of distinct visitors.
      IVIL's ridiculous market cap/stock price is predicated
      upon massive, sequential growth in this number. Go to
      the Media Metrix web site and read the

      2) IVIL generates approximately 90 million page
      views per month. (You do know what a page view is,
      don't you, Mr. Sophisticated web-site investor?) If
      IVIL sold 2 banner ads per page at a $10 CPM (you do
      know what "CPM" is, don't you, Mr. Sophisticated
      web-site investor?), it would generate $1.8 million in
      monthly revenue (about $22 million a year). Meanwhile,
      IVIL's expenses are well over $50 million a year. Do the
      math, moron. (And I've got news for you: they ain't
      CLOSE to selling that many banner ads).

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